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Feb 19, - Alright, a good vs thread for everyone, I'm sure everyone loves these! I've got both and surprise, surprise, I prefer Garmin Edge but Though I hate giving business to Wahoo these days, my Bolt is the best bike comp I've owned. Unfortunately if you do a survey everyone will just choose what they.

The best cycle computers for 2019: a buyer’s guide


Type keyword s to search. By The Bicycling Editors. Intuitive Setup Wahoo Elemnt Easy customization via smartphone app. Tiny and Powerful Garmin Edge All the features you need without added complexity.

Courtesy of Garmin.

elemnt edge garmin 520 vs wahoo

Garmin Edge Plus. Courtesy of Wahoo.

elemnt edge 520 vs garmin wahoo

Wahoo Elemnt. Courtesy of Stages. Stages Dash. Courtesy of Polar. Polar V Courtesy of Hammerhead.

garmin 520 edge vs elemnt wahoo

Hammerhead Karoo. Bryton Rider Garmin Edge There's no need to connect to your laptop to sync ride data, download maps, or update software.

I can't decide between these two. What's the "real-life" wahoo elemnt bolt battery life like? I'm undecided if the garmin edge plus mapping.

Perfect for keeping you safely located by loved ones, tracked by a coach, or even meeting fellow riders in-route. This feature is only available if you are riding with your smartphone.

vs 520 elemnt edge wahoo garmin

Only available if you are riding with your smartphone, and can be easily turned off with Do Not Distrub mode. Completed rides will automatically upload to all authorized third party eldmnt. Now you are able to see your training plan, execute structured workouts, and send data back to the apps automatically.

In The Know Cycling

Ride your workout plan outdoors or indoors. Best Bike Split: Guides you during a race with power and speed targets specific to the course and your race plan. Electronic Gear Shifters Displays a visual and numerical indication of front and rear gears and gear shifting battery.

edge vs wahoo elemnt 520 garmin

Rated 5 out of 5 by FlatLander from Exactly what I wanted. The Elemnt has all of the features I wanted. I had already owned the speed sensor and Tickr heart rate monitor for use with Cyclemeter on elemnf. The Elemnt allows for much longer rides given I'm not running my phone the entire time.

garmin edge wahoo 520 vs elemnt

However, Gsrmin still like to log all of my rides on Cyclemeter and the Elemnt does so by sharing it's data through the Apple Health app. Sounds clunky but it's not.

garmin wahoo elemnt edge 520 vs

You can mount this with any Wahoo mount, either on the handlebars or cross bar, or with an out-front mount. The out-front mount is more aerodynamic than the Garmin version. Buttons — 7 buttons on the phone, along the sides and on the bottom, front.

vs wahoo garmin edge 520 elemnt

All have multiple functions, ege there is a learning curve. You mainly use the 3 buttons in front when riding, and they are really easy to access.

edge 520 garmin wahoo elemnt vs

Claimed up to 15 hours. But it depends what you do with the unit — e. Quite a complicated menu system, which you have to control with dahoo buttons on the unit. Much easier to program, because you can do it on your smart phone, using the excellent Wahoo app.

ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer w/ ANT+ & Bluetooth | Wahoo Fitness

You can pair with sensors that measure heart rate, speed, cadence, and power, and connect with electronic shifting systems. Yes - wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 upload rides; automatically download routes, workouts, etc.

Yes - automatically upload wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 automatically download routes, etc. Live Track; GroupTrack; Automatic Activity uploads; Weather; Notifications of phone calls, messages, and emails; Course, bike gps sytem, and workout downloads. Share routes and workout data via a huge range of apps accessed via Connect IQ, including: Share routes and workout data with: Yes - set them up on your smart phone.

You can quickly change the number of fields displayed on the fly, by using the zoom feature. Use the Perfect View side buttons to toggle between views of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 data fields.

Long-term test: The best GPS | Roll Massif

Reports wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 VO2 max and recovery time when used with power and heart rate sensors. Yes, with Trendline popularity routing chooses routes most popular with cyclists. Yes, but it can only guide you to locations using bike gps website directions and off-course alerts IF the location is a saved place, OR IF the location is found on the pre-loaded Yelp app.

garmin edge wahoo elemnt 520 vs

However, you can add extra navigation if you download routes with cues to the unit from a suitable app, such as RideWithGPS or Komoot. Folding and Mountain Garmin Edge vs. Did you enjoy this post or find it helpful?

520 edge elemnt vs wahoo garmin

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Narrowing down your GPS cycling computer selections

Tarmin at Amazon in the USA: The Elemnt has one other big difference in its main design: LEDs on the outer casing itself. In the end, the Edge feels like something you could run over with a tank several times, which is exactly what you want from a GPS computer strapped onto a moving machine. The Elemnt feels more like a toy, though it still held up to plenty of drops in my tests. One long-standing problem bike gps low cost GPS units, especially the smaller cycling computers, is the horrible interface and general clunkiness that comes with wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 one up.

garmin 520 elemnt edge vs wahoo

The Garmin improves on its predecessors here, but the Elemnt blows it out of the water. For the first time in years I had to actually open up the manual on a tech product to figure bike gps hrm how to use it, which is a testament to exactly how badly the Garmin operating system works and how unintuitive it is.

elemnt edge wahoo 520 garmin vs

You can upload your cycling data to the web by connecting the Edge to your computer via USB, or using Bluetooth and the Garmin Connect app o ny o u r p h o n e. Conversely, the Elemnt is a joy to use. This means with just a couple of taps you can rearrange the stats shown on the home screen, link the Elemnt with any sensors you have, customize how the LEDs work, upload routes from Strava wahoo elemnt vs garmin edge 520 Ride With GPS for turn-by-turn navigation, and more.

News:Apr 23, - This post compares the features of the Garmin Edge vs. Wahoo ELEMNT to help you decide which of these premium bike computers is the.

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