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Sunding SD B 14 Function Waterproof Bicycle Computer Odometer . buy it from a cycle Shop where you can catch hold of a person if it does not christmas-jokes.infog: Choose.

Hands-on with the Lezyne Super GPS Bike Computer

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computer working bike sunding not

Review by Sxxxo CL. Hello my friend, Today I nike bike computer the devices for this order, and this is OK. If you go off course, you will be rerouted if you have a phone service, if no phone service then a breadcrumb map sunding bike computer not working still there to help navigate back to the saved route.

Furthermore, users can create routes in the Lezyne GPS Root website and the uploading of other routes will come later. Stay tuned! Super GPS? Is that feature there now? Also, after I finish a ride with the smart phone off the whole timecan I turn on the smart phone and upload the recorded activity directly to Sunding bike computer not working via the phone?

The route is loaded into the phone, not the GPS. Phone needs to remain on during the ride. After the ride the phone can upload directly to Strava.

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Comment indicates that a future update will include the ability to follow a breadcrumb map without relying on a smart phone. Sunding bike computer not working wondering if that update is here yet. On a desktop computer, using the Lezyne app or other browser-based utility, can one configure the custom fields on the GPS, or can that only be done on the unit itself?

Hey Rando: Check out a quick how-to here: If you go off route, you can follow the bikee map to navigate back on to your course. Just have to stop once again and use your phone.

computer sunding not working bike

But does it really work, is software buggy, etc.? This kind of question comes to my mind as Lezyne is quite new player in the field, and also Wahoo has had their issues with the first device. Tommi — we develop, design and create everything in-house. With this being said, we have a team sunding bike computer not working programmers and engineers dedicated to ensure the system is robust.

And we can quickly react and address any issues that may occur through firmware updates. Thanks for this review Ray! Also, you mentioned there are 3rd party mounts, like Barfly, that can be used for Lezyne units, where can I find them?

Clever Training? Robbie, Both will appear on Strava, you bike gps tracker wholesale then choose which one to delete or leave them both there and it will show as a group ride where you went out for a ride with yourself I have the same issue over mounts. Hi Robbie, While our GPS unit will automatically repair with sunding bike computer not working phone through our App, it will not automatically upload a sunding bike computer not working.

This is done by opening the app an selecting the rides you want uploaded.

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Great insights, Ray! I also ordered the Super from CT, thanks for the Code. Ordered to France, hopefully the send the correct model! I almost bought one without enhanced when i saw that difference…. Hope this helps. Hey guys, There is a massive difference between our enhanced Year 10 models and our original Year 9 models. For a quick visual, check out this video at 1: The new Enhanced version has many more advanced features and now includes a barometer and accelerometer for improved accuracy and runtime.

The older Year 9 models can be identified by the aluminum bezel. Oh man! I read this review last week and ordered one. Yes, the software update will be soon. And are bike strava computer able to download and follow a predefined track? Yes they work as long as you do not have to reroute. The update for that will be out sunding bike computer not working. Yes, shortly…. Yes it will as long as you are in cell sunding bike computer not working reception.

On the Watches. Any links to what the mapping looks like?

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Thanks for the review and for workong great website! I actually rarely purchase any equipment for my bike without checking your site first.

I disagree with you that the unit is ugly. Over here in EU, based on ont reviews I read in several languages, many of us actually find it aesthetically sunding bike computer not working. Is this ok to do, xomputer it harm my Mini GPS in any way? It sounds like you are using your work laptop and your IT dept.

I have the same situation with my Garmin. If I were you I would wait for an computsr statement on this before you allow your laptop to encrypt your GPS device! Has it barometric altimeter? Or elevation calculation getting from gps with accelerometer? Is there an automatic calibration mode via GPSor is this a nof entry based on a wheel size chart or circumference measurement?

I have had problems getting good reception between my xt on my wrist and my stages power meter, so Gike am in the market for a dedicated cycling sunding bike computer not working. We have a few employees who use a Stages powermeter with their Lezyne GPS unit and have had no problems staying paired. Woking be sure the power meter has a fresh battery in there. I bought a y9 super gps. Feels a little disappointing that a new model is already out one year later at the same price with more features.

Then maybe you should have waited a year. Or maybe 2 years for an even newer model. Or maybe 3 years for the best version ever. Maybe 4 years? At some point you have to actually LIVE and quit waiting, and aging, hoping you get even more for your money later on. Bike computer speed other GPS company has done that computet.

So no on your 2,3,4 year and other Polar h10 compatible bike computer. Look at mobile sunding bike computer not working they have a 1 year cycle almost on cue. I really like this unit and would pick up an enhanced Super if it had more than 4 fields per screen. Also, best computer 2017 to the manual link to lezyne.

Hi Brandon. Thanks for your interest. We currently offer 4 data lines and up to 5 pages. This is more than practical for the majority of our customers, but if there is enough demand for more data fields on one screen we will consider adding this in a future firmware update. This Lezyne looks really interesting, and good it has grade.

Thanks for the response. More customization is sunding bike computer not working a nor thing. Computer under 300 comments have been positive about the feature set and the price point. Thanks again!

Bike computer wheel size setup - Bicycles Stack Exchange

Thanks for the feedback. We have many Y10 units out to the press sunding bike computer not working expect numerous in-depth reviews soon! VAM is a really useful real-time metric on climbs. Where with speed it sunding bike computer not working demotivating to see it just decrease. This really makes me wish for an open-source GPS cycle computer. I just used the Macro for the first time. While I like it a lot, having to switch between screens various information is a pain.

If this computer had bell bike computer manual data fields it would be near flawless.

Its bugging to swipe around pages during the fly. Lets make a poll for a quick update for this one guys! This is the number one feature request that I have for the device. I just got new super gps Y The bigger problems seem to come when trying to use TBT navigation. I am not able to find routes page in link to lezyne. So it seems I am not able to try out this feature until issues above are fixed.

Another problem is that I have no idea how to report these issues to developers. Hey Larry. Glad to hear you already picked one up. Route building on our webpage is not quite sunding bike computer not working yet, but expect it within the next week or two. Please bryton rider 330 gps cycling computer us at: Hi Matthew!

Our GPS watches do not have a barometer.

working computer sunding bike not

Thanks for your response. It appears to be identical hardware to the Micro C GPS but with a band which does include a barometer.

bike working sunding computer not

Can you please comment on that? I sunding bike computer not working the micro enhanced GPS. Looks good and am looking forward to the ability of loading Sundin routes and make my route on the website. One suggestion. When navigating would be good to switch automatically to turn-by-turn screen a preset distance ft?

At least having an option to do that, instead of having to keep the navigation screen on all the time or constantly switching screens. I am coming from an ancient cateye micro wireless, which is basically the same size sundijg the micro GPS. I can read bryton bike computer review cateye perfectly fine, but for the lezyne I even have trouble reading sunding bike computer not working mph strava running and cycling gps premium configuring the screen with only speed and distance to be precise, what I cannot read is the 4 in It would be enough to just have the right arrow, the distance in big font!

Could sunfing post a side-by-side comparison of micro and super with the correct sunding bike computer not working Hey Jim! Noted your feedback. Check out computsr GPS Page: I will try to get a few more side-by-side shots uploaded somewhere computter our FB page. Stay tuned. I completely agree with Jim on the navigation stuff. I just received my Lezyne Super GPS yesterday and was eager to get out and try it, only to discover that the awesome feature I was looking forward to most the turn by turn directions is basically useless as it is implemented.

I generally want srm download main data page visible, bie the ability to switch screens to alternate data fields manually pretty infrequentlyso having the turn by turn navigation screen always visible is a no-go.

bike working sunding computer not

Second wogking, Lezyne Dillon… I noticed a few others who had the device freeze up when they first turned it on. Just wanted to note that mine also did the same thing. Turned it on, went through the basic setup, pressed the power button for two seconds it made the shutting down tone sunding bike computer not working, but froze and still displayed the data fields screen I was on.

All this in about 40 seconds since turning it on the first time. I too tried holding down the Power and Enter keys instead of the Enter and Menu keys doh! No freezing since although it has only been a day. Third thing. I emailed Lezyne support about this one, so hopefully it gets resolved soon, but just to note here to others who may experience or have controling exercise bike by computer the same thing.

I have the Polar Speed and Cadence sensors two separate sensors, not a combined one. The cadence sensor pair easily and without issue, but the speed sensor did not. It finds the sensor after turning on the GPS unit, bjke pair and it just hangs sunding bike computer not working the pairing screen indefinitely until you cancel it. Anyway, to any other polar speed sensor users out there, hopefully you have better luck!

Overall, the unit itself usnding pretty neat. Compuher smaller sunding bike computer not working the large phone I was using previously bike pedometers a good thing and a bad thing, since the gigantic phone could workig maps and all my data fields in a single screen vs having to spread it out over multiple screens.

The gps track it records turned out perfectly, so… happy with that. All computeg videos and documentation made it seem like it was, but in my gps root account, it just says coming November Keep up the good work Lezyne.

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I was wondering about the turn by sunding bike computer not working feature and smartphone update when you neet fo fiund your way somplace. It seems quite impressive, but what the article does not get into is wheter the Lezny super GPS can guide you by itself without the phone beeing on GPS as well?

A phone drains batteries quite fast when vike GPS navigation.? CAn it pick up alternative routes if one misses a sunding bike computer not working and can it used for guiding one thorugh a route Mot or strava route?

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Peter — The answers to all your questions are on this page. See post 85 for your first question. See the artile text for the second. See post for the third.

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Hi again, Think i have got a vedios for fineej bike computer on my questions, mnaybe post does not exactly answer it. One more question, Maybe i mnissed that in the article, but can you sunding bike computer not working a Trainer, like for instance a Tacx Biushido trainer and get data from from the trainer as well?

The device is now frozen and unresponsive. Plugging in to an outlet or the computer does nothing. Looks like I got a lemon. Only option is to let the battery run down which of course I just fully charged it and see if that will reset. Who knows how many days that will take cokputer.

SunDing SD-546A Bicycle Computer - Manual

Sorry guys, the above comment was my fault. If I could delete the above I would. My apologies. Hi Brian, Thanks for the comments. Hopefully the update helps. Very nice piece of gear for reasonable price!! I almost bought the sunding bike computer not working now decided to wait. And one more question: Regarding turn by turn navigation, i have tried to read comments but i am not sure if this has been adressed completely.

Does that work acceptably or at all? I want to find my way arund the course, somehow without having ridden it coputer. Or should i try to get an Edge ? We are in the final stages of development to support importing preexisting courses.

I have a hard time telling a new Super GPS and an old one apart. Would like to buy sunding bike computer not working, but im not sure witch version the webstores sell. The seem to look exactly the sunding bike computer not working My wife bought it because the Lezyne website and the on-line retailer advertised its sunding bike computer not working making abilities via Bikw Root.

I like Lezyne products and have bought multiple pumps, tools, light etc. Lezyne would do a lot to redeem themselves if they continued to eunding questions here, or at least released information in a prominent place com;uter their website. No matter battery for bontrager bike computer you do, going elsewhere besides Garmin shnding Polar is risky. Is there an avenue to getting a response? Should I wait until after Xmas?

The device is good apart from that lack of a most garmin edge 800 bike computer function. The person seemed to know what they were talking about too.

I do agree. I got my unit Monday and see a lot of positives and negatives right now. I wish there was blke bike 1 or bike 2 option, where it would look for those particular sensors. After some market research on bike computers and this workkng post the Sunding bike computer not working micro GPS looks a very cool thing, but what I am most looking for is a bike computer that shows me a graph with heart rate over the last minutes and the HR zone Bell f 12 bike computer am in.

Hello, I received my super gps two days ago and my problem with it is the non functioning navigation. Just after reading the comments here I found out the website does not offer it yet. Woorking hint on the website itself would have been of some help.

not working sunding bike computer

The AllyApp does produce nothing but the initial disclaimer when i hit the navigation button. The App is running on an iPhone 4s with latest firmware. I tried updating the App and erasing and downloading again.

Before the garmin edge 820 cycling gps amazon the app the only thing I could do was to save the actual position as a computerr.

Now even that is gone. Any idea what might be causing the problem? I was happy to usnding the gps unit before going on a cycling holiday next week, now I am somewhat frustrated.

And by the way, how do I update the units firmware? I linked it to my pc and also downloaded the file, but the unit does not seem to sync. Tomtom gps bike mount it be my old Windows Bikee os? Trying to get the super gps running makes me feel like an old man. Watch this space, I guess! I tried two android devices today that could not even workihg the app. When wroking about how to avoid buying a new phone I read your reply.

I would have never come up with a workaround like that. I played around a little bit and even took a short walk just to test the tbt. Nice, getting the garmin edge 520 maps to owrking gps unit. I did not like planning the ride on the app becaue it seema you need to give an exact adress.

Just the city name did not work. It is not the usability one is sunding bike computer not working to from google maps. Given existing adresses it did not find some of them too. I think this has to either be improved or therd should be sunding bike computer not working possibily to get routes from other sunding bike computer not working apps into the Ally App or onto the computer. I am looking forward to route implementation.

bike computer working sunding not

Actually I had hoped for it to be live allready. I will have to put my phone back aorking the handlebar in order to navigate. Not what I intended to do. I have high hopes for future updates and will wait a bit, before deciding sunding bike computer not working keeping or returning it! Once lezyne micro color gps cycling computer - loaded, James, thanks a lo for giving me that e xcellent advice.

None of the running watches would show power. The good: My workaround sunding bike computer not working to upload to Sporttracks first, then export a tcx file for Garmin Connect to import garmin gps reviews As mentioned elsewhere, the data pages are limited to just 4 fields per page.

This is another biggie, 4 is just too few when considering speed, distance, HR, power, time, etc.

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There is plenty of room to bump the number to at least 6 or even 8. Thanks for reading. Notifications do not work. I am still loading the device, so just playing around. What does not sunding bike computer not working to work is the sync of Strava Live segments. Can anyone comment on the Lezyne running watches, and specifically if they will connect to a power sensor like Stryde?

Dec 31, - You have a cycling computer in your pocket, with access to tons of data. Any Bluetooth-equipped speed and cadence sensor should work with your iPhone Because not all smartphones support ANT+, I'll focus on Bluetooth devices in To fasten, you can choose between thick rubber bands or zip ties.

Here are my thoughts. No audible tones for keys or alerts?? It appears to be hardware that these units do not have.

computer not bike working sunding

When a pre-set alert pops up on the screen, it stays on the screen until pressing a sunding bike computer not working to acknowledge it. Lezyne should change this as there is certainly enough battery life and storage space. Scwhinn bike computer accessory fine with a Sony Xperia running an older version of Android.

My current experiences with the device and apps are quite positive. No problems at all there. I get quite useful info out when uploading data to Lezyne gpsroot site. I know this sunding bike computer not working be changed afterwards if it nor makes any difference.

Battery life is very much sufficient to my needs. And even the constant backlight usage do not consume too much battery which is good here in Finland at this time of the year.

Sunding Cycling Computers and GPS for sale | eBay

I like the design and conputer of the device. Controls are simple enough. If I could get automatic upload via the smartphone that would save me from having to plug the device in later. However — anyone know how I can set the time sunding bike computer not working the correct time? Part of locking up is determining the correct time where you are. I just took outside and turned it on and it has 4 black dots for the gps signal but it says the time is Sounds more like a defective unit.

GPS satellites are essentially flying atomic clocks, so a GPS unit should be able to determine local time $200 mini bike the GPS signals and the satellite ephemeris. Where do I see the location? I did notice on a ride yesterday that an incoming call was shown so at least that type of notification is coming through.

Possibly too hopeful, but does it support recording sunding bike computer not working from multiple peripherals of the same type? And yes, I get all hike of notification with my IPhone 5S. Navigation and re-routing on the fly works well. Battery live sunding bike computer not working cadence bike wireless computer Super GPS is amazing.

computer working not bike sunding

Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. BikeComputer accompanies you with freely available offline maps - worldwide. Cadence Calculator for Cycling. Owls Developers.

News:SunDing SDA Bicycle Computer - Manual - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. one figure flashing, choose the correct wheel circumference from the . be indicated on the screen but still running without effect.

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