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Sigma Sport BC manual that can be found and view the complete MODE is used to select what to display on the lower readout.

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But, we sigma 1100 bike computer manual the way that the overall sharpness falls off gently, giving your subject a feeling of being distinct from, and yet at one with, the out-of-focus background. Plus, sigma 1100 bike computer manual even tone of those sigma 1100 bike computer manual highlights make them a pleasing element in the scene compared to lenses that render those highlights unevenly or with a pronounced bright ring at the edges. Computfr is very useful when shooting portraits.

That lens, when DxO tested it on a Nikon DE body, scored bjke than either of these Sony lenses in distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations. If keeping your kit as small as possible is a top priority, consider getting a pancake lens.

Small and flat hence their namepancake lenses add minimal bulk to your camera and weigh just a couple of ounces. Using such a small, unobtrusive lens also helps you take photographs without drawing undue attention to yourself, a priority for street photographers. You do make some compromises in exchange for the size reduction, however.

Our pancake-lens choice is a perfectly acceptable performer—and focusing exclusively on image quality ignores the whole point of a pancake lens in the first place.

And if having a compact kit means bringing it along more often and shooting more regularly, the image-quality trade-off is one that many photographers are happy to accept. As it is currently the most compact lens for Sony [E-mount] cameras, it is perfect for those who want to keep the system as pocket friendly as possible. Full-frame Sony shooters looking for a pancake lens will have to wait some more. So far, no one has made one for that lens mount that covers a full-frame sensor. This sharp, well-priced macro lens lets you shoot extreme close-up photos.

At the time we made that lens our pick, it was the only macro available for e-mount cameras. Shooting with a macro lens is just plain fun. It turns your camera into a high-resolution magnifying glass, revealing intricate details in even the smallest objects.

Super-closeups of flowers and insects are standard fare, but food, jewelry, or anything small with detail work automatically becomes more dramatic when you shoot it with a macro lens.

It certainly has some advantages over this Sigma, but we think that the Sigma is the better value for sigma 1100 bike computer manual money. I was just about to go mxnual my local store to finally get the Sigma 1100 bike computer manual The lack of BT Smart was the dealbreaker.

The Garmin website says there are sigma 1100 bike computer manual basemaps or ability to add maps to the As for why it says no basemap, no idea — likely just the usual incorrect Garmin web tech specs usually things wrong on every product at launch there. Hi Ray great rewiew,ive recently purchased sigma 1100 bike computer manual edge and i love the device.

When will it actually be available? It was there at 50km, when I looked at mannual, it was gone! No idea what happened. I wonder buy gps holder bike their tie in with the Tour de France has influence on their scheduling here?

Definitely TdF related, which is logical — in line with what many other companies do these days for cycling stuff. Not massive changes but I found that the screen on the was a little small rc3 gps bike compared to ,anual unit size and the resolution a little fuzzy, hopefully these small changes are enough to make it much more usable.

Has the CPU been upgraded from the unit? Any chance the gets the map function? And just out of curiosity, is there any reason that Garmin eliminated the already miniscule 50MB storage of the and as well, to 20MB on the ? I had one sigma 1100 bike computer manual a while and sent it back as the quality of the display was terrible.

Not surprising when you consider that it has just dpi against the already poor dpi on the Whereas the new has dpi which is still beaten by the with dpi and of course a considerably bigger screen. Personally Sigmaa was disappointed with thenow if Garmin were to come out with an which was physically no bigger than the but with a better screen and all the other sigmma features like microUSB charging then that sitma certainly be the unit I would buy.

Is it possible sigma 1100 bike computer manual create a route on Strava, then transfer it to and be somehow navigated by the device even by simple indication where to turn? Although turn-by-turn directions may not be a feature, Sigma 1100 bike computer manual would imagine that services like those offered at bikeroutetoaster.

At least it has done for my edge what computer bike in the past. Kinda a PITA for mid-ride operations, but fine if you pull over to side of road or at a stoplight.

Sigma Sport BC 1009 installation video

Manua the has more features in other areas at least until Garmin supposedly adds them to the Ray, Do you think or know if they will provide the Strava sigma 1100 bike computer manual option for garmin gps reviews xt. Would you know what that means?

Any news on that? I would love to support you on my next tech purchase. They ran into a few more stumbling blocks. Definitely bikr. Thanks for another great, in-depth review, Ray! The touch screen was lezyne super macro gps bike computer special edition but trouble for me on theso glad to see it go.

A little disappointed in battery sigma 1100 bike computer manual at 15 hours. How is the screen? I needed to leave the light on for the Edge to get visibility as good as my Edge People are complaining about this unit not containing a lot of memory, why is that detrimental?

How does the navigation work on the as opposed to the ?

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Are there turn by turn directions for both? Are you able to upload a created route to follow? Does a voice alert you when to turn?

It has some sigma 1100 bike computer manual basic roads on the maps it has, but they are basically just the motorways. New maps will contain all the roads so simga are much bigger files, this is why you need the space. More detailed maps? That alone mxnual get me to buy the Road-only maps are of little use to me on the Loving the size. Will the Garmin when paired with a Wahoo Kickr be able to replace Trainerroad for some copmuter Would be super cool to program the with some favorite workouts siyma not have to get out the laptop along with trainerroad.

Where would you place the in comparison to the Not exactly sure of your situation, here is my reasoning for going bike tube gps the I generally like getting recently sigma 1100 bike computer manual devices, they will have a longer shelf life than something already a year old.

Compuher am more interested in a smaller device and screen size. Nothing smaller than the sigma 1100 bike computer manual of the edge Maps are not super important to me. I think the has less mapping new gps anti theft item for bike I think and smaller screen but that is not a big deal.

I have a Wahoo Trainer and Di2 on one bike so.

APO 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM

I think the will have more features for both of these technologies. Not sure if this helps, Essentially I see the as having a smaller screen size and fewer mapping features. It seemed to be more of an released with new graphics to coincide with the release of the all-new That would be the biggest reason for me. Better accuracy. Glad for something smaller. What do you mean by this? The way the Edge and the could share courses wirelessly directly between units?

Just to or can it also do to ? As in show up to a ride and someone has the route on their garmin they could easily transfer it over to you Will the get this functionality?

Why still sigma 1100 bike computer manual magnet based gps? Would make following a course a bit better at complex intersections when stopped. Walmart bike computer just got bricked so….

So I was looking on the Garmin website over the weekend and they still had the and for sale — not any more, just the !

I wonder if the segments trigger while you are following a course. Has that sigma 1100 bike computer manual been resolved?

computer manual 1100 bike sigma

Thank you for this link, got this up and running on my until the official strava stuff comes, thank you. How well can it function while receiving manuall charge from a dynamo hub?

bike manual computer 1100 sigma

Great review! The looks like a very nice all round unit for cyclists. Seems like Garmin are listening to their sigma 1100 bike computer manual about features. Just hope they improve battery life in general for their devices in future as this is the one feature where they seem to be going backwards. Hi Ray, Another excellent review, thanks again. Have Garmin learned nothing?

Andy, I get the comment, but consider another factor in your comparison. A lot of these things were features that most cyclists who use computers were asking for years ago. And, the Mio you listed is massive — bigger than anything shown in this post by sigma 1100 bike computer manual huge chunk. Im confused DC. In your review of the you state the unit is much more bbike and acceptable for a map comupter GPS. Its certainly shorter than the Edge and yet computeg youre now saying its built like a frisbee?

So what is it? You also say it 11100 stuff, but in the same review of the you say its bike computer wheel size chart some of the most advanced options on a cycling GPS. Again im confused.

Sigma BC 1100 Topline manual

Then you finish compjter saying its purely for touring cyclists, despite it having virtualy all the functions and more in some cases than the Edge So what is sigma 1100 bike computer manual mate?

Does a product get a thumbs up or down depending if you got a blowjob in the sigma 1100 bike computer manual Make your mind up mate. This represents days, months, and years.

Or why you might get slower on the bike as you age. Ironically, it also applies to posts. See, posts wired cateye bike computer 16 months ago are different than posts made 1 month ago. Astoundingly — things actually change with this time concept.

manual sigma 1100 bike computer

I know…challenging, right? This also goes for features I later discuss sigma 1100 bike computer manual the post around touring. But there it is again, the date and time thing. Tricky, right? Finally, on sizing — it is indeed larger than the Edge sigma 1100 bike computer manual I know, darn that comprehension already — such complex stuff.

I love it computfr Ray lets his usually well-concealed sarcastic side loose on rude commenters! Guys, really basic question and hoping to get some advice. I was just about to buy an EDGE The seems to offer touch screen and best affordable pedometer bigger screen. Nice unit. It seems that Garmin will offer a firmware update in September or so. So big question, why should i wait for the Edge ? What will the be better at?

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What will i regret if I get the ? I have uploaded rides to my iPhone 6but would love to be able to download courses, like a. How is that done? I generate tcx files with RidewithGPS all the time. I often put them into dropbox and would like to upload them to my Edge at the start of the ride from my iPhone rather than from my computer, which I rarely bring with sigma 1100 bike computer manual rides.

Can that be done? I just returned my Edge after nearly a year of ownership. My issue had been with the HR straps not working.

Has that been corrected? The was not enough of a reason for me to upgrade, now I think I have. One feature I sigma 1100 bike computer manual Garmin about and they were not too interested in sigma 1100 bike computer manual, is a Lap Altitude. Is it sigma 1100 bike computer manual like on the ? How much quicker do the Edge and acquire satellite lock than the Edge Often as quick at seconds. Ray, tomtom bike gps for the double reply garmin edge 520 plus review I just picked up on a nuance of your wording.

You said if you start from the same place. If you constantly alternate between two places, say 20KM apart like my commutedoes lock take longer? A slight bit, but not much. On the newer devices, the unit is caching at multiple levels.

Same goes when you ride to work, work all day, and then walk back outside in the same spot. How usable are the front mounted buttons while riding? Not even with an out-front mount, but just with a quarter turn mount and o-rings, a pretty squishy setup that may not like to be pushed from mapping bike gps side of the unit without any hard surface to brace against like the handlebar or stem did for the top mounted buttons of previous devices.

Thank You for keeping everyone up to date on the new toys available. My question is… Do you have any ideas how the will function for hiking?

manual bike computer sigma 1100

I have been searching for an all manusl one that includes navigation Bread Crumb type at least that I can use to track hikes and cycling. Sigma 1100 bike computer manual have seen Edge users attempt to use sigma 1100 bike computer manual for both, with no luck. They complain of lost data at low speeds. An example situation would be camping for a weekend in the mtns. I would love to download maps to guide me biking through maunal woods for my morning shenanigans, then in the afternoon take the or whichever GPS unit for a long hike to track where I mahual.

Any ideas? I feel this thing is nearly perfect, however, dropping WiFi is a mistake in my opinion. My is very unreliable synching via the phone. WiFi is just great: Both on my FR and my Edge Simply love it.

It is reliable, quick and easy. Dropping touchscreen is the way to go IMHO. Touchscreen with full gloves on a rainy day, really a garmin edge reviews idea? Maybe sigma 1100 bike computer manual is a dumb question, but can I upload a gpx file to the Garmin Edge and load it onto the screen and follow it while at the same time recording all my ccomputer stats?

Jul 5, - I have a Sigma Bike computer. Can I get an instruction manual for this computer? - Sigma Cycling can I get a manual for my Raniaco Bike computer?

I pull a lot of the routes I do off the internet of long rides I see others doing so I can just follow along their gpx track for miles and if this unit can do that then I am sold! Just wondered why it says zero routes can be stored? I Wonder if it is able to show some customizable fields exaple speed, cadance, Heart beat sigma 1100 bike computer manual.

I would think it was nice, always to be on mapscreen since I can get lost in a shoeboxbut will need some datafields to be shown. Just ordered the using the Clever Training link. Does the notifications of SMS messages etc work on this device? Lots of reports that it does not work on other Garmin models?

I currently have a and am looking to upgrade. Which unit in your opinion, how to reset bell console 200 wireless bike computer or theseems better suited for racing? I am not cpmputer worried about some of the extra features, so it more comes down to which one would be better in a race. Played a bit with the unit. I found the buttons way to stiff.

It was a pre-production unit. It felt strange to apply a serious amount of force just sigma 1100 bike computer manual push the button. Lots of people tried the unit before me. Hey Ray, Trying to place a pre-order for the at Clever Training but the discount code is not working. Does it apply for the ? Thanks a lot…. It only takes a second to sign-up though, which is here: See his post: This unit would be perfect if it had WIFI… the only thing stopping me buying and hoping for a updated version currently own Imagine how much money sigma 1100 bike computer manual would make if they had this feature!

Would anybody buy a new smartphone if it has sigma 2209 bike computer capacity than the predecessor?

These trips are the trips where you NEED all sigma 1100 bike computer manual new features like live tracking or sigma 1100 bike computer manual. Not that short ones. Do you normally cycle for more than 15 hours straight i.

And if so — do fc bike computer normally cycle for less than 18 hours when going more than 15 hours i. I just charge while riding using a small mAh Jackery manhal pack that will charge ccomputer the fly. Battery is just smaller and lighter than a roll of quarters. Works great! Ok, great. That gives it a little bit more time for the XT to drop in price…. Hi, great review.

I have a question regarding elevation. Also, can you tell bikw what Strava segments you want to track or will it do all of them when you start them that could get annoying! Thanks in advance! How many bikes can the be setup for? The fact that the only runs with 3 bikes is my biggest gripe. How does the touchscreen react to sweat dropping on it?

Only picked up that detail from the comments. Not even text messages or other phone push notifications ffs. Instead Garmin chose to display useless news like wildfire risks. I have a new Trek with Duo Trap, which is supposed to sync with all Garmin products. I want a device that will have a map, measure my watts, and sync with all my bikee party apps strava and the like. The looks like a winner.

Please help. Have two bikes? Just one bike? Only one bike. No speed and cadence sensors will not supply power. Posted on Jan 02, Click "Add" to insert your video. Aug 29, Sigma Cycling. Aug sifma, Sigma Cycling. Aug 02, Sigma Cycling. Mar 14, Sigma Cycling. Sep 13, Sigma Cycling. Jun 23, Sigma Bc Computer. Dec 20, Sigma Cycling. Sep 09, Sigma Cycling. Sigma 1100 bike computer manual 19, Sigma Cycling. Oct 13, Sigma Cycling. Sigma Bc Computer.

Sigma Cycling. Answer questions. Sigma BC Sigma Bc Although most bikes that we review on IndoorBiker are low to mid-range we felt that this bike was popular enough to warrant a spot on our bike list.

The sigm. The whole bike, when shipped, weighs 63kg so if you need to move this sigma 1100 bike computer manual upstairs make sure you have some extra help. The console on this bike is more advanced than most, and can connect to other devices e.

If you are serious about being able to exercise from home and garmin gps tracker the gym membership then this bike does provide a reasonable investment for its price. A stationary bike allows you to effectively ride to nowhere. Sigma 1100 bike computer manual can sit in front of your television or listen to music while pedaling as fast or slow as you see fit. Without weather hampering your chances of biking for tomtom gps bike mount at a time, you can benefit from biking as often as you vike.

An upright stationary bike is just like a bike you would use to ride around town. These bikes include handles, a smaller seat and the ability to stand up. When riding, you will be in an what bike computer does chris froome use position, which puts more pressure on the lower extremities than a recumbent model would.

computer sigma manual bike 1100

Recumbent exercise bikes became quite popular 10 years ago. These bikes, often ideal for seniors, garmin computers a standard seat much like those seen in a chair.

The rider is reclined slightly back, alleviating all of the pressure that would be on the knees and ankles. The handlebars may or may not move with a recumbent exercise bike. Oftentimes, spinning bikes are viewed as upright sigma 1100 bike computer manual. This, however, is not accurate.

You can tell a spinner bike apart from other models by the handlebars.

manual bike computer sigma 1100

The handlebars are often pushed forward allowing for the rider to bend over while riding. These bikes allow for the utmost in intensity and provide a variety of seating positions. I received this for Christmas manuaal installed it on manuwl bike, however I sigma 1100 bike computer manual decided that Garmin speed cadence sensor review do not ride enough to justify this really nice computer.

It is in like new condition and worked flawlessly for me. The BC HR is a triple wireless bicycle computer featuring the most popular speed, cadence and heart rate functions presented sigma 1100 bike computer manual a sleek modern black design. An optional docking station sigma 1100 bike computer manual be offered for ocmputer additional.

Mac available Spring The BC HR has a large, easy to read screen that displays current, average and maximum heart rate; current and average cadence; calories burned; current temperature; in addition to the essential speed and distance functions. The bike computer also has a programmable target heart rate zone with a visual zone alarm. This new model maintains the keystone features like the back light, data storage when changing the battery, five time functions and simple menu navigation as the other high end SIGMA SPORT models.

The transmission distance is increased to 90cm allowing for computre or rear wheel mounting on most bikes. There is also an led bike safety clothing gps young designer retro-fit cable mount for those who want the high end functionality of the BC HR in a more traditional wired style.

Used for velochampion bike computer few moths only. Works perfectly and should last for MANY years. This is a great. Super-light computer!

I moved and got out of biking, so need any more. I bought the longer cable. So the speed sensor works off back wheel. Includes everything pictured. Unit of Measure: This is a very slightly. Comes with the Bike computer. Speed, cadence, heart rat and wristband transmitters and manuals.

For sale is my 1010 Sport Targa cycling computer. It was comluter when removed from my bike but the battery is now dead so I mqnual not tested it before listing.

The battery is a sigma 1100 bike computer manual type 1. Everything that is included is shown in the picture. This item is sold AS-IS. No reserve. Thanks for looking! Max speed, avg. Posted with. I had gotten this for my girlfriend's bike and installed mqnual for her on her bike. After a year I noticed sihma never sigma 1100 bike computer manual put the batteries in the device to use it So I told her I will sell it and she was ok with it.

The unit has been fully tested and is functional. In fact. Please message me with any questions. When the battery starts to run-out. A corresponding warning appears on the display. All pre-settings and total values remain in tact when battery is changed. Total distance. Sjgma ship worldwide but inquire about shipping cost prior to bidding if you are outside the USA and Canada.

SIGMA CONTROL 2 internal controller, low airend speeds, minimised internal makes them the perfect choice for applications where space is at a premium.

This is an excellent data centre for all of your bicycling needs. Great for extended bicycling trips computter well as short training sessions. The computer was mounted on a bike and used in one triathlon. This computer does it all! More information can be found at the Sigma website. A fantastic bike computer that will both enhance your training and increase your sigma 1100 bike computer manual fun! Average speed, and best gps apps for cycling speed Countdown timer.

Stopwatch, and riding time calculator Optional cadence measurement; current and total trip distance PC-compatible; temperature display; adjustable to 2 wheel sizes There's no such thing as too much information when you're training for a big race.

Which includes everything from a speedometer to a countdown timer to an optional cadence measurement function-all compatible with online PC software. The Wahoo fitness elemnt gps bike computer review STS, which is adjustable to fit two wheel sizes, displays your current speed, blke speed, and maximum speed, so you'll have a good idea whether you're the tortoise or the hare on the bike trail.

You can also compare your current The BC STS's compkter functions include a sigma 1100 bike computer manual timer that's perfect for racing against the clock; a stopwatch that keeps you sharp on intervals; a display for sigma 1100 bike computer manual and total riding time the latter is only available after your ride and a time-keeping clock.

And serious cyclists can opt to use the cadence functions current and average Which help you ride efficiently both gps compairison the road and in the woods. You can also turn off the cadence functions while compter. Too, with the ability to automatically recognize a comouter bike.

That means you can gauge the total distance and ride time of either or both bikes, a handy option for couples or friends who train together. Other features include a temperature display, seven language settings, a backlight, a battery status display, and a backup function that preserves your settings and info even when the battery dies. Also available in. This computer is used and works great.

It has a few minor scratches and dings from normal use. Sigma 1100 bike computer manual upgraded to a Garmin cylcing GPS and no longer need this. This is a great cylcing bije with Speed. Mxnual, and Heart Rate.

computer sigma 1100 manual bike

It includes only the items in the photo. You will need zip ties and the owners manual online to use it. Otherwise it is ready to go.

bike computer 1100 manual sigma

Ship to US only. Good Luck. Sigmw wireless bike computer. Sigma 1100 bike computer manual speed. Distance, avg speed, increasing or decreasing avg, odometer, can accept multiple wheel sizes. The digitally coded BC MHR combines the classic featured of a wireless bike computer with the most important altitude. Heart sifma and temperature functions. With the easy to operate sigma 1100 bike computer manual navigation, mountain specialists and touring cyclists have fast access to all the important information on their ride.

You can 11000 4 current values altitude, 100 rate, speed and another optional function in one clear screen. All the functions on the computer can also be used off the bike using the special hiking mode. Used this on my elliptical— worked great. Comes with every thing shown. Doesn't seem to have gotten wet or anything so I'm guessing it's an easy fix or would be a great source of parts for your existing setup.

Selling AS IS. Sigma Sport BC Recently upgraded to power meter and do o ring for sigma bike computer sending unit need the unit any longer.

Wireless technology and toolless set up. Backlight, and compatible with Sigma docking station and Dataset 3. Great used condition. Sie bieten auf sigma 1100 bike computer manual gebrauchten. Drahtlosen Fahrradcomputer der Marke Sigma in einwandfreiem Zustand. Der Sender ist leider verloren gegangen. Die reichhaltigen Funktionen entnehmen sie bitte der Sigma Webseite. Die eingebaute Knopfzelle ist nagelneu. I used this computer for all of 4 miles then got a Polar Vomputer Watch as a present so im best inexpensive cycling gps? this guy.

Has screen protecter on front. Comes with everything in the box; except the box. For training or recreation. This computer will provide accurate and ample ride data. The complete package includes: Speed transmitter. Cadence transmitter General functions Cpmputer text display with seven available languages 2 adjustable wheel sizes Automatic recognition of second bike Backup function storage chip Low battery indicator.

Sigma Road Bike Computer. I have 2 Vike Bicycle Computers. They are in great bi,e shape and the only reason I am getting rid of them is that I recently purchased a new road bike that came with a new computer. These computers are great for both the average rider as well as the competitive rider. These computers show all of the following Information: Avg Speed. Stopwatch, and sigma 1100 bike computer manual time calculator Measures actual.

Average, and maximum heart rate PC-compatible; temperature display; adjustable to 2 wheel sizes. If you do not feel that you can give me 5 stars for each category. Please contact me to let me know what I can do to improve. I always take care of my customers. NY comptuer Whether used for training or recreation. You'll find all the information you need sigka at your finger tips. Featuring a stopwatch. Temperature display, backlight and cadence, this computer is sure to please.

General Functions Sigma DTS L wireless bicycle cycling bike computer. Sigma 1100 bike computer manual Bike Computer with Heart rate monitor. Any magnet will work. I will try to find one. As you can see sigma 1100 bike computer manual the photos. All power up except the Specialized.

manual computer sigma bike 1100

sigma 1100 bike computer manual I don't have a battery to test that one, but I am pretty sure it works. Various conditions, and brands. All are mostly complete. There may be sigma 1100 bike computer manual zip tie or rubber band missing, but the magnets, sensors, and imporntant things are all there.

Please bid according to pictures. I will leave the batteries in them, and they will be seperated in their own individual bags. Sigma Sport BC The item for sale is a Sigma Sport BC The computer is included but not gpscomputer. Sigma ROX 9. Up for auction is a complete Rox 9. I was set up with everything and then lost my computer so my loss is your gain.

These sensors are spendy and everything works great. Now you can set both of your bikes up or even 3 if you already have a whole set. I believe it will also work with the ROX 8. The BCT is the ultimate in computer design.

Sigma 1100 bike computer manual right for mountain bikers, includes heart rate and altitude functions. The side panels slightly protrude over the disk and protect it from the hard daily grind in difficult terrain. Automatic recognition of second bike. Memory back-up function when changing the battery. Service-Interval programmable via Fast Setting Box. Tool free mounting. Large display and enlarged digits.

Easy pre-setting and setup menu guide. Data storage for pre-sets and yearly values. Data Centre 2. Wrist band for off the bike activities. Trip distance. Comparison of actual and average speed. Sensor not included Riding sigma 1100 bike computer manual. Countdown timer. Current altitude. Current day's ascent-descent. Calibration via current altitude. Calibration via home altitude. Calibration via air pressure reduced to sea level.

Current temperature. Sigma Sport Bike Computer Wireless sensor unit only used. Very lightly used. Only has 46 Miles on it all indoor on a trainer. I have replaced all the zip ties and the HR Sensor has never been used.

All I sigma 1100 bike computer manual say for sure is that it reads speed and measures distance. Nothing else is known. Please bid accordingly. I will take it back if you are not happy with it. I will pay return shipping if I have misrepresented anything;1? Used but in very good condition Sigma Rox 8.

News:Dec 17, - SIGMACHECK is also useful to determine the purity of precious metals ( manual. Optional, small diameter probe will be offered. . computers. .. to the same colour while cycling through the colours but it IS NOT possible to accept .. %.

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