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Bike accessories. Lezyne Super GPS review - Cycling Weekly. Lezyne gps review - Lezyne Macro GPS Cycling Computer. Apr 4, - GPS cycling computers use.

Lezyne Macro GPS Navigate Computer gps computer lezyne super macro bike

By Ben Delaney. Here, though, we look at the top 5 GPS computers with standout features.

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The Garmin Edge works best when connected to a power meter and heart-rate monitor. Garmin is the lb gorilla of the GPS cycling market. With so many units on the market, there are going to lezyne super macro gps bike computer some flaws and bad fps out there. You can punch in an address or search around on the map, but the best experience is when you load in an existing route and let Garmin guide you along with audio prompts and clear visuals.

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The Edge records just about every metric you can think of, and displays it in customizable format — including scores of third-party maro options. The xpixel screen has a Memory-in-Pixel MIP display that allows for a faster maximum frame rate than other, more expensive Garmin computers.

Lezyne gps review - Lezyne Macro GPS Cycling Computer

Neither have MIP. For most computers, I prefer an out-front mount for aesthetics and visibility.

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Having a big Edge strapped to your stem looks kinda silly, I think. But the Edge is so small, it almost disappears when mounted with the included rubber-band strap on the bars or stem.


Put another way, the Edge looks kinda silly on a larger out front mount, like a pea on the end of a butter knife. If you want the basics of speed, distance, time, elevation, heart rate and power, the Edge has you covered.

macro gps bike computer super lezyne

And there are some variations on these metrics, such as average, lap and 3sec average. For navigation, there are a few basic options. There is no base map on the Edgejust a blank white screen with a line to mark your path.

macro bike computer super lezyne gps

Keep and eye out for future updates. When following a breadcrumb trail on the device, is there a way to zoom in?

computer bike lezyne macro gps super

computdr There are two breadcrumb screens when following a route. One is the whole route axiom bike computer the other is a zoomed-in screen. Are you able to set up loop maps with way points lezyne super macro gps bike computer the Ally Phone Map or is it only possible to set up waypoints on the Lezyne Roots site? Currently you can only create and edit routes on Lezyne Root. We are working to enable route building on the Ally app wuper the future.


Of course this defeats some of the point of saving battery on the phone, but it gives useful options. We are always looking for ways to improve every aspect of our GPS line with new features and improvements coming with every update.

macro computer gps bike super lezyne

Hmm, just playing with the GPS Root router planner now. Hi Dave, Google maps is only used to visualize the route.

computer gps bike macro lezyne super

That is why once the play button is pressed, multiple options are presented. Actually that results in an error and the whole route gets cleared.

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Of course one issue with bike paths is it can be hard for the data to really understand all the ways you can get on and off them. Ability to add line segments helps with that.

computer macro bike lezyne gps super

Also GPS ally really needs to allow selecting locations by pointing on the map. Not being able to point is essentially a deal-breaker for me. This is already a feature.

macro bike computer lezyne gps super

You can tap on the map and the phone will look up the address for you and ask you if you would like to navigate there. Thanks for the reply. Sometimes just knowing something should work is all it takes.

macro bike super lezyne computer gps

I had been doing more of a press, like long press I guess, gpps from habit for placing pins on some other apps. Indeed, a quick tap does the trick!

Lezyne Micro GPS Cycling Computer: 4 Month Review

Purchased a Macro GPS for the turn by turn navigation feature when on a cycling holiday. Am I correct that only TCX routes will give turn by turn navigation?

macro bike computer lezyne gps super

Lots of pre mapped routes on websites are lezynd available as. As a side note, not all TCX files will have turn-by-turn directions encoded in them either.

macro computer bike super gps lezyne

Cadence Speed Flow Sensor. Standard Mount.

computer gps bike macro lezyne super

Forward Mount. Does Garmin Have Some Competition? History Blog News Reviews Careers.

macro lezyne gps bike computer super

Downloads Videos Contact Privacy. Durable, Compact Composite Construction.

macro gps computer bike lezyne super

No Wireless: Yes Weight g: Got a question about this product? View all Guides.

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Take up to a full year!

News:Save up to 12% - Lezyne Macro GPS Navigate Computer from £ or available with Select a size The Lezyne Macro GPS bike computer is powerful, letting you track all your key . Lezyne Super Navigate GPS Computer With Mapping.

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