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Tough choice what do you fine folks think? Not sure if Hammerhead is planning any such feature for the Karoo. If you're happy with a simple bike computer for the moment then I'd . I have a fully-functional (although not feature-rich) Garmin eTrex 35T GPS unit that works well enough for the moment.

Karoo Hammerhead GPS

Up for sale is a barely use GPS cycling computer. Only use it a handful of time and don't need it anymore.

computer gps bike hammerhead karoo

Still, have the box, manuals, and all the accessories. Whi [Read More]. Kodera Login to contact seller. Reasonable offers only, Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer Trades, Local pickup only. Reasonable offers bike trainer computer interface, No Trades, Will ship globally. PayPal or email money transfers are preferred for items not collected gs person.

Cash preferred for items locally picked up. All components are shipping via Canada Post with tracking.

karoo bike hammerhead computer gps

Garmin EdgeGPS Training Computer - - excellent working condition, used for a ham,erhead of years on hammerhead karoo gps bike computer mountain bike, been sitting in a drawer for the last year.

Rugged handheld navigator with preloaded worldwide basemap and 2. Garmin Edge with heart rate monitor. Bpsyched Plus Login to contact seller.

Race Reports. I have entered this event For the first race of the season I was expecting lots of pain. Trying to pick the correct clothing required some messing A brilliant start to the race season for Bigfoot racer Tom King. You can bkke the progress of Tom throughout the Scroll down to listen to the podcast and see delphi 3.0 bike computer. The great thing with the Karoo is that you can create these routes on the Karoo itself as well as online on the dashboard.

The routing engine does not consider all hammerhead karoo gps bike computer local off-road paths, instead of routing me more on roads that I would like.

Jan 17, - the new, promising and upcoming bike GPS device from Hammerhead. the very best cycle computer we've seen, the Hammerhead Karoo. who's calling for example, so I can decide if I need to stop to take the call or if it.

So Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer would typically use Fit File Repair Tool to repair and prepare the file and then, finally, Garmin will accept it. This all wastes chunks of my precious time. I tried those three sources and others are supported link to: Now comes the complex part where hammrrhead have to sync or put the file into a certain best gps cycling computer on your device.

computer hammerhead bike karoo gps

Even more super cool is that the Chrome route cheap bike gps also grabs hammerhead karoo gps bike computer highlighted route created in Google Mapslike this climb hammrhead the Tourmalet:. Cyclist equipment a new route runs entirely through these cached maps then it can be displayed without having to do anything further, otherwise, you are prompted to download any uncached sections if mapping directly on the Karoo.

Alternatively smaller route sections 5km to either side of a route can be downloaded with each route. It looks like Hammerhead are working on increasing the size of each offline map section right now. Bike cadence gps the hillier routes, the grade of various segments of the planned route can be checked at the bottom of the map, jammerhead shown hammerhead karoo gps bike computer the following image:.

The two main ways to enhance your route are through the addition of TBT instructions and the ability to re-route after you have started your ride.

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The Karoo automatically adds turn-by-turn instructions to new routes that are either imported or created. Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer can be achieved on either the dashboard on the Karoo hammerhead karoo gps bike computer and both those methods require an internet connection for TBT instructions to be added. Currently the cues and routing alerts pop up clearly on the Karoo however the Karoo did not originally support any kind audio alert. It now supports bluetooth audio which would be handyfor example, to link to a COROS Smart helmet which has speakers.

Manual re-routing is possible before you start your ride by editing any route you have imported into either the dashboard or on the Karoo itself.

However the Karoo also allows you to manually re-route, mid-rideby choosing a new route without stopping the recording of your ride AND the Karoo will also navigate you to manual gps tracker bike start of any new route for up to 30km from your current position. Both local, complex ones and a trip to Brighton and back. The road-navigation was near faultless apart from one instance where it failed to navigate navegador gps para bike back to my route when Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer deliberately ahem went the wrong way.

One negative point would be the lack of an ability to navigate to addresses en route ie if I was a bike courier then the Karoo is not able to navigate to addresses when en-route. Working with the touchscreen was generally great better than any other touch screen.

Hammerhead Karoo: Unboxing, Comparisons, UI/Menus

The only hammerhead karoo gps bike computer I had was that the Karoo sometimes not be as responsive as I would like when pinch-zooming. I can live with that as zooming is also possible with the buttons. As a training device it ticks the standard boxes. You hammerheae share any of hammerhead karoo gps bike computer routes with other people via the dashboard.

This can be a simple URL or you can share that URL via twitter or Facebook where the link is clickable by your friends back to the route on the Karoo dashboard. They will need a free Hammerhead account to view it Hammerhead should change that. Hammerhead told hammerhead karoo gps bike computer that shared routes could be edited by other Karoo users. Ride summaries are shown on your Karoo but not on the Hammerhead dashboard. Same goes for live tracking none.

Shifting focus to the site, I covered the route navigation piece in the previous section which is hammerhead karoo gps bike computer cool. Readers will know that Wahoo also gets away with having no site at all so even less than Hammerhead.

They also have extensive 3rd party app integration hammerhead karoo gps bike computer just activity upload to Strava at this time for Hammerhead. I can login on hammerhead karoo gps bike computer new device or reset my existing device — and everything follows me. My data pages and field configurations, my downloaded routes, and all assortment of settings. A GPS Accuracy: B Elevation Accuracy: Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer Data Sensor Accuracy: Does it accurately capture sensors like power meters and heart rate?

In general, for most bike computers I review, bullet point A above on GPS accuracy is gps bike chip pretty easy. Watches, on the other hand, tend to be more complicated here, but bike computers — largely by virtue of your speed, tend to do fairly well.

And the same is true of the Karoo too. It not only nails the road I travelled on, but generally even the correct lane I was in. Just picking a bunch of random screenshots here. Last week on a longer route with plenty of twists and turns as I rounded to and through the hammerhead karoo gps bike computer and back, including a few bridges over and under:. But there were other spots where the Garmin did similar. Another ride, from today, if we look at recorded distance — all hhammerhead units are within m of each other on a 21K ride.

Else, hammehead units are within 10 meters of each other, which is kinda crazy. Thus at present there are no elevation data fields. As of the latest software, this is now being recorded. The good news is that Hammerhead has it on the short-list to implement the barometric altimeter data. The files are just empty for that data field see above how it shows 0. The power meter also broadcasts cadence too.

Note however that as of this writing, the Karoo cannot trigger a power meter to calibrate zero offset. Up until yesterday, I was having issues with power hsmmerhead data collection and it doing some incorrect stuff around zero values.

However, per the release notes and my ride from this afternoon, the latest firmware now fixes that. You can see that most easily in my data sets, but also just in the values recorded from the same power meter on two different head units.

But there are many such data quirks that hammernead like Hammerhead, Wahoo, and Garmin have to and have already deal with. In this case, most of my time with the Karoo has been using the following sensors: All of the charts in these accuracy sections were created using the DCR Analyzer tool. Actually, a ggps card in the package states that they never expect to be finished — to be always evolving.

The company has put together a plan for the next couple months, which they outline on this site click hammerhead karoo gps bike computer software tab. That plan is both aggressive and not at the same time. Speaking of 3rd party connectivity — you may be wondering about apps. The reason is simple: Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer the unit is Android, that has no practical meaning here.

Instead, they hope to entice developers to work with them via their own app store for Karoo. A really tough sell. Still, all Hammerhead can keep doing is keep their head down and just release features.

Of course, balancing that with managing what will likely be a slew of bugs for a new product launch like any new product launch will slow things cat eye strada cadence wired bike computer review term.

I put both Garmin Edge units, because one is mapping focused and one is not. In any case, you can mix and match those all as you see fit here. Again, remember you can mix and match gps tracker for electric bike make your own comparison charts here in the product comparison database.

The Hammerhead Karoo shows a lot of promise of what a bike computer could be, specifically with respect to high-quality displays and fast touch interactions. But the challenge is converting that promise hammerhead karoo gps bike computer reality. There are elements within Karoo today that are fantastically comupter and move bike computers forward.

Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatarwhich works here on DCR and across the web. Subscribe me to gls newsletter. Notify hammerhead karoo gps bike computer of followup comments via e-mail.

You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. We have built the most capable hardware on hammefhead market. We have a ways to go on software before we can call ourselves the market leader. We are moving fast on software and look forward to your feedback to help hammerhead karoo gps bike computer prioritize next features. We are listening, working hard and greatly appreciate the input! Head over to https: It was very promising at first but once I had the unit, it turned out to be a big disappointment.

Now they pretty much ditched ONE and started all over again with another hammeerhead, giving the experience I have with Hammerhead, I cycling apps without gps reluctant to get the bike computer…. I was soooo going there. Not even close without audible alerts without using something in my helmet or ears.

Hope that helps, want to support. Agree with the comments above. I would seriously consider buying this product because of the navigation features but the lack of audio cues feature is a killer for me.

LOL at the beeping. And started beeping; every 5 seconds for the best part of 40 minutes. I was very close to simply turning off the damn thing. It is unfortunately a recurring issue, especially when following a route on adventure rides trails, gravel, or off-piste races. And it proves recalcitrant and difficult to correct. Due to the course it required going through the lake then across a specific spot to go down and up on the banks I needed the navigation.

That and the well known occasional Garmin shutdown issues made me consider a change. Same with the Garmin Edge Random shutdowns… random reboots… lost rides. My unit would randomly turn itself on… 10… 15… 30 minutes after I turned it off. I canceled my order. Of the members of our kraoo who have expressed their concern that Karoo will not make any native sound, we hear you no pun intended! Some are complex and time-consuming, while others are quicker and easier; reliability and efficacy, without drastic hardware revisions, are the main objectives.

I just received mine yesterday. So far, it excels at the things it is able to do so far. I have no doubt that Hammerhead will continue zonore bike computer reset timer add features to it. And those things seem to have finally been fixed. And is still has hammerhwad touchscreen? Yet, in the same response you are calling Hammerhead out for not doing specific things right out of the gate with their very first cycling computer?

Something that seems so simple yet took a very long time for them to do. The Karoo has the hardware to do a ton. The Hammerhead team seems like very smart individuals and want to make their compuger the best in the industry. Thing hammerhead karoo gps bike computer Garmin has far more resources than Hammerhead and a bkie track record of delivering improvements to existing products. Hammerhead is the opposite bike computer con gps few resources and a bad record for supporting products.

Hands-on: Hammerhead’s new Karoo GPS Bike Computer | DC Rainmaker

Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer of the top cycling equipment decisions i have made to date was to shelf Garmin for Wahoo. Touch screen on a bike is just not for me. Spotty in the rain, hammerhead karoo gps bike computer to see, distracting when trying to use. The element is superb for me compared to Garmin. Wahoo has everything I want in a cycling computer, and continues to develop.

Two totally different markets I guess touch screen vs non touch screen. Touch screen bodyworx spin bike computer like down tube shifters to me, very usable but why would you now? Screen legibility is in general good.

But again, nothing obvious on that since the latest updates. Bike ride gps it will take a charge from a powerbank while riding!

Plus, in the case of Karoo we pretty much already know that the biggest battery draw is the screen, not the mapping engine. Rode 4 hours today, with screen set to dark, at lowest brightness setting and auto-adjust off. Much improved performance. Had no trouble reading data, in daylight or darkness.

Hammerhead, maker of the Karoo bike computer, closes $4.1 million funding round

On the subject of battery life: In our testing, at various processing loads, the battery lasts 15 hours or more. Stay tuned. Bluetooth off, WiFi yps, no route planning, and only a powermeter and a speedsensor connected.

Temperature 17 degrees Celcius and cloudy. One difference that I see is it looks like you have cellular turned on. I find it is still readable at hammerhead karoo gps bike computer setting in almost all lighting situations. I did not have the turn by turn notification on my other data screens except for the hammerhead karoo gps bike computer screen obviously.

At this moment New bike stem computer mount cannot use it as my main computer.

Conputer when uploading to Strava, only a part of my ride computef uploaded and the. Hoped they had a better product by now. As seen the turn notification is on that photo I took this afternoon on the latest build that I downloaded a few hours prior the second update this week.

Small manuf changes are totally common. There kkaroo be great temptation to add in other items, but before you know it…it spirals out of control. The reason? In the event they find some other hardware-specific issue after hammerhead karoo gps bike computer boatloads of people use it, they can incorporate those changes into such a unit.

Obviously, adding in a beeper would upset existing users again, if they did hammerhexd, purely computer shopping guide recommendation. Wearing ear buds is the fast track to the ER. And if you think you really need to wear some kind karop BT audio speaker, use something like Aftershokz which leaves your ears uncovered.

Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer thoughts, all. From too many years riding NYC subways I have enough of a bike computer walmart deficit to require aids. Your comments and suggestions are worth infinitely more than mine, but in direct contacts with the company I said its key to make us, the early adopters, comfortable and happy.

karoo computer bike hammerhead gps

I also implored them to stop the promotional stuff and let your deeds catch up with your words. As a courtesy to customers jaroo purchased a Karoo1 HH also introduces a beeper bottom cover for Karoo Model 1. Turn it on when you want. Option 2 HH introduces a bone conduction BT vike that clips onto your helmet strap and rests on your cheekbone in hammerhead karoo gps bike computer of your ear. Would you hammerhead karoo gps bike computer a bluetooth audio device just for beeps? Maybe if the Karoo could receive audio from something else and then overlay its own audio on top.

For computrr device that is navigation first not hammerhead karoo gps bike computer an indicator to tell you a turn is coming up other then constantly monitoring the screen is a big oversight. Brace for more creativity: Of course the usb charging would have to be passed hammerhead karoo gps bike computer to a secondary port on hammerhead karoo gps bike computer speaker back.

But I agree that cost would be prohibitive for a small band-aid run like performance bike gear. It might actually be even more expensive than just offering free or very cheap swaps to 1. I agree — this is a hammerheav wise suggestion for them. I was perfectly willing to wait for other features to be delivered via software updates, but 9 computerr after I placed my order I canceled it when I learned there was no hardware support for audio.

I think all this anti-blutooth earbud talk is a bit alarmist: There are far more potent risks we willingly accept. I cancelled along the way in compute of thebkke I want a completely functional device NOW, not in one year. Looks good enough to be bought by Fitbit to add to their platform.

However, as always I got rain back in France and a week in Amsterdam — so no issues came up then. I might try and shoot a shower video with it or something.

I went into the route creater and clicked around a bit. I see street names in English characters and Chinese. Thanks for trying, Ray. Could you just drag the map to Taiwan on the Karoo just to check if Chinese road name is displayed?

Thanks a lot! Yup, in Chinese.

gps bike computer hammerhead karoo

I downloaded an offline map of the area, and then I went to create a route from the device itself in that area. The last pieces of the puzzle would be either: There is a reason all others have a loud and clear sound. Hell, there is a reason why in-car GPS units do that too, and have for years.

Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer go. Thanks for the review Ray.

karoo gps bike computer hammerhead

The lack of phone data connectivity actually did something to irk me yesterday. Just to test out navigation, I told it to find me a route from work to home so I could see how it ran as I drove home about 25 miles by highway. Got the route setup, got in my car and tried to run it, and it lost the route.

I noticed this as I got to the edge of the parking lot, so I typed in my home hammerhead karoo gps bike computer to setup the new route…. Garmin gps best price despite downloading maps for the surrounding or so square miles 50x50mi area.

Requiring a SIM for data is quickly becoming a burden. Same problem here: Look like Hammerhead forgot something…. Joking aside, do i wish it had audio alerts? So you miss a turn, its ok. Stop, turn around when safe, enjoy life.

However the audio can be turned off if it has it. So best of both worlds right. Hammerhead karoo gps bike computer only 1 world here for now anyway. Just gotta take them….

gps computer karoo hammerhead bike

How do you think the possibility to navigate in the mtb mountain trips, sometimes even outside any paths, just using prepared. How would it navigate? I think the best any device can do in that scenario is hammerhead karoo gps bike computer warn you when you start to diverge from the planned route.

Generally this is not a scenario that any device manufacturer tries to address.

Hammerhead Karoo GPS Review – Conclusion

If someone really wanted bikd do the best they can in this situation, the device could display an arrow pointing in the direction of the planned route. I am not aware of any device that actually does this. Garmin Edge devices warn hammerhead karoo gps bike computer when you go off track. I had doubts, but I can definitely use hammerhead karoo gps bike computer with my winter gloves gore GTX-1 which is definitely impossible to best gps for walking and cycling with my ….

Karoo has two interfaces: Great timing. Mine should arrive by the time Ckmputer get home today. Still feeling a bit disappointed and burned by all the delays.

Decisions, decisions….

karoo computer bike hammerhead gps

The most recent post showing up is: Sports Tech Round Up: Stryd, Live, BSX…. Bringing a product to market is hard work, let alone building an entirely new company — and this in a very mature market segment with entrenched competitors at various levels. You better have a really compelling reason to do that in Much better than myand better suited for cycling than my phone. Regarding using them while wearing gloves… my works fine while wearing gloves… my Karoo, not so much. Unless the gloves are designed to be used with capacitive touch screens, you run into exactly the same issues as with phones.

In fact, when wearing my heavy gloves, my iPhone is more responsive than my Karoo. I sent Hammerhead a request to make the buttons bigger and spaced further apart from one another in order to make the use of gloves easier on some screens, maybe you should do the same?

My Garminnot hammerhead karoo gps bike computer a capacitive screen works fine in that regard. My magellan cyclo did awesome routing also, nothing else worked though and never did. I could totally see Garmin, Wahoo, etc. Could in theory do much more functionality if they do it right. A lot of people are fed up with Garmin because the hammerhead karoo gps bike computer software loses part of a ride. Those people are going to be eager to have other choices.

In general, more competition and more choices is a good thing. Cycling gps watch vs computer screen should automatically dim when you enter a tunnel or something, in an amount relative to hammerhead karoo gps bike computer slider position. In lower light conditions, the effect of adjusting the slider should be quite noticeable. This seems a lot like Magellan.

Wahoo had an established footprint in other areas to sustain them. After getting burned by magellan cyclo, I would be hesitant to purchase this. But, sometimes the risk is worth the reward.

Great review as always Ray. That would be a nice little avocet bike computer field to add to your review. The hammerhead karoo gps bike computer upside to the Karoo is amazing. It reminds me alot of the potential of the Motorola Motoactv. I have a soft spot in my heart still for bike gps for sale ontario Motoactv.

bike computer karoo gps hammerhead

I personally think the Motoactv shook up Garmin and others and it gpd showed the potential of Android for fitness devices. At currently, half the price of the Garminif no one thinks this could be hammerhead karoo gps bike computer potential gamechanger they are dead wrong.

karoo computer bike hammerhead gps

To be honest, I thought the Element was a fart in the wind when it came out. Look at the Element Bolt now. And about this beeping business and head phones. We all have had our near misses. I had a car miss me by inches going 75 mph.

I was hammrhead feet on the shoulder. She was high on meth according law hammerhead karoo gps bike computer that later caught her.

bike gps hammerhead computer karoo

Never heard anything but standard traffic noise. Everyone should be pulling for Hammerhead if for no other reason than to bring down the price of the HH released the device several months late, tried lying about bkke, and it only comes with half the features, obviously not the ones their computef demographic finds important!

I too hammerhead karoo gps bike computer in Oklahoma, and the endless grid of gravel in best cycling gps watch 2015 area makes this an appealing choice to me. I also want more players in this field to push innovation and cost. Also, the lack of audio notifications cateye ant+ a non-issue for me. Most turns are a mile apart where I ride.

The motoactv is still my biggest disappointment.

Hammerhead Karoo: Why I won’t buy it (yet)

I loved that thing, still have it and wish it became what it could have become. How it never took off I will never understand. Maybe instead of a beep when a turn is missed. They can use the screen to blink bright to black. This is the future not SIM cards, for a brand new product they are showing poor design choices. In additional they are very late in delivery, how confident are we that all the new features will come in the time frame promised?

And I work in software, all these new features will come with lots hammerhead karoo gps bike computer bugs and frustrations. I would also add that who ever allowed the to be shipped that that screen needs to be fired!!!!!

It would be a lot easier and cheaper for users to download maps via Wifi. And even if there are eventually going to be features that actually use cellular data, such as live segments, gps fiets bike computer not just go the normal route of connecting to a mobile phone via Bluetooth?

Meaning, people text me at my regular cell phone number, not my secondary device number which is generally not known. But even that has limitations in other scenarios. So if people are using other platforms, the dethering of hammerhead karoo gps bike computer to Karoo breaks hammerhead karoo gps bike computer a bit. And the device became a extension blackburn wireless bike computer the mobile phone.

We have built Karoo not just for now but to hammerhead karoo gps bike computer relevant in the future. Native cellular is going to enable many software experiences in the years ahead, and we wanted to allow those folks who want to be at the forefront of this to be able to do this now.

You do not need cellular to use Karoo, but it makes a small number of things possible now, like the ability to create routes out on the road on Karoo itself. In the hammerhead karoo gps bike computer ahead it will become more clear to folks why cellular is exciting. I dunno about other countries, but here in the Netherlands we need to pay for an extra simcard. At least I could not get it instructions for specialized comp bike computer.

gps hammerhead bike computer karoo

Ray some times I think we take your work for granted.

News:Sigma ROX GPS Sport Basic Cycling Computer Be a ROXstar! The ROX Choose an Option. . Moved from Hammerhead Karoo -- Major Improvement.

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