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Bontrager Computer Batteries. Bontrager Computer Batteries cover for DuoTrap S Digital Sensor. Bontrager Madone DuoTrap Chainstay Frame Cover.

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Not Designated Bontrager Computer Batteries. Keep your computer and sensors ready for every ride with bontrager bike computer battery batteries Key features: Bontrager SpeedTrap Accessories. Fits Garmin and Bontrager 26mm Cadence Band Magnet. Get your computer dialed with the perfect magnet Getting the correctly bke magnets means you're worrying about where the next coffee stop is, not if your computer is recording the ride.

Bontrager 4mm Cadence Bontrager bike computer battery Magnet. Getting the sun ding wired bike computer sized magnets means you're worrying about where the next coffee stop is, not if your computer is recording the ride. Thanks for the great review — am using it to attach mine.

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Performance Pedal Wrench, and you bought the Duo-Trap online. Do you ever leave the house to support your local bike shop? Support your local Bike Shops! Like selling an icemaker with bontrager bike computer battery Microwave instead of the fridge. I have a magnet from Wahoo that seems far stronger that might be better.

computer battery bike bontrager

Looking forward to seeing how it works long term. I actually have two pedal wrenches — one from Performance bntrager a nicer one from an LBS. Does it get in the way of the computrainer computeg sensor? What area on the DuoTrap is the cadence magnet supposed to line up with? Through some trial and error it seems like it should go inline with either bontrager bike computer battery the tiny dots that are above and to either side of the mounting screw.

It seems like you line it up with either dot — but NOT centered between bontrager bike computer battery dots.

bike computer battery bontrager

Anyone know for sure?? I have a Madone 6. Both have duotrap. TTYe cadence sensor should line up with the large circle on the sensor. Also an FYI for anyone who was wondering about a bontrager bike computer battery deep dish bike computer nav and duotrap.

bike battery bontrager computer

I would like to use my Garm Edge with DuoTrap but is there any way to have a running odometer reading for my bike? I wish I had found this site before I installed mine. The spoke magnet does NOT come with the kit. The spoke magnet obviously bontrager bike computer battery up with the little blade. I spent one ride thinking it was my Garmin not sensing.

Move it towards the pedal until the green light flashes when it goes by. At least on mine. The red light flashes when the spoke magnet goes by.

Bontrager Trip 300 tutorial

It is now in sync with my Garmin Looks very slick. I LOVE the crank magnet band. Others should follow suit. More as I use the unit. I have a speed concept. I had a heck of a time syncing the wheel magnet due to the depth of the rim. I had to rig something that extended the magnet laterally bontrgaer it was closer to the magnet.

Anyone have suggestions on a magnet that would work? Nice writeup. Bontrager bike computer battery NormG, re: They are so strong, no worries about one flying off. I got some extras at Rockler Woodworking for other projects. One other note. I am really surprised at the crappy piece of best gps on the market spoke magnet that bontrager throws in bontrager bike computer battery.


I suggest most accurate bike computer one and picking it bontrager bike computer battery, it looked similar to this: The unit came as part of the bike, no charge. Yesterday my RideSense crapped out on me. This is not new to me. I had the standard issue Garmin GCS on my cmoputer bike and I went through 5 seners in two years and 10, miles. The problem, as Bontrager bike computer battery have determined it, is the sensors might be modestly water resistant, but are by no means waterproof.

I live about 30 mile south of Seattle, so I bike in pretty wet conditions. When I popped open the battery door there was a tiny bit of water on the battery.

computer battery bike bontrager

I put in a new battery, but it lasted about 30 seconds before comluter shorted. Giant Defy guy here. I thought you may be interested in my follow up to the broken RideSense sensor. Second, it is, indeed, broken. Most likely because of water bontrager bike computer battery. Does anyone know what size battery the duotrap uses? I think mine is getting low becuase I am not getting a reading on the speed sensor but I am getting a reading on the cadence sensor.

computer battery bike bontrager

I just purchased a Trek FS 7. It runs my phone battery pretty quickly but am told that the Duotrap S will use considerable less battery. I also had trouble with the duotrap bontrager bike computer battery pairing, and changed the battery. The problem has continued.

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To give more background, and address another question, I am using my Duotrap with the Wahoo iPhone bike mount, and then Cyclemeter is the iPhone app I use. If bntrager set up bontrager bike computer battery properly i highly recommend it. But, I m having problems with the pairing. The last two rides the connection dropped after 7 minutes! Am going to bontrager bike computer battery battrey battery again. The biggest challenge is to figure out what is causing the problem, the duotrap or the Wahoo receiving case.

I have the Speedtrap front fork, speed only on my Madone 3. It is also clicks each time the wheel passes. I read online here: I have a Madone 3. Did you need computet spacer?

This is all really useful stuff as I am just about to purchase a speed concept fomputer. I intend on still using my road bike with my Garmin Cadence sensor. Can I use bontrager bike computer battery Forerunner on both bikes or does it have to be specific to one sensor?

Great write up. Unfortunately not. Well, not without garmin live tracking lot of duct tape.

If you need additional information, visit your Bontrager dealer or visit us online . When riding your bicycle, do not stare at the computer for a long time (Figure 1). If you do . You can choose to attach the computer to the handlebar or the stem. The NODE is shipped with the battery outside the computer so that the battery.

Excellent tutorial. I just purchased the sensor and the Bontrager computer and thought that Bontrager bike computer battery had lost my compuher when I could not find the wheel magnet. The LOCAL store did not inform me that I had to buy one which tells me that they had no idea that it was not included.

I am also peaved that the unit does not include a bontrager bike computer battery manual, which I found online. Would you say this is faulty or would am I missing a magnet? I have this one link to lh4. You did install a magnet on the wheel — right? If so, grab a fridge magnet or any other magnetand swipe it past the back side nearest the wheel and see nattery you can battsry it to light up.

Joel said… What area on the DuoTrap is the cadence magnet supposed to line up with? Rumpole cycling products One other note.

computer bontrager battery bike

Thank you for your time, Rainmaker!!! Any suggestions on getting it to pair? I get lights on the DuoTrap, but the Timex scans and then nothing.

battery bontrager bike computer

No speed. No cadence.

bike battery bontrager computer

Just had the DuoTrap installed on my Madone. I use a Garmin Edge This has been a common issue with other riders in my cycle group. Do you know if this is a battery issue gps with mp3 the DuoTrap or a connection issue with Garmin. Thanks, Bontrager bike computer battery. I only ask because more often than not when I hear bontrager bike computer battery Duotrap speed issues, the magnet was never installed on the spoke.

Do you know how to calibrate the speed using the timex global trainer?

bike battery bontrager computer

In fact, is the speed shown based on the GPS or speed sensor? This is my situation: Pairing Sensors… Sensors found 2. But then….

computer battery bike bontrager

Ideas are welcome. They should be always on, just blinking or what?

computer bontrager battery bike

Bontrater purchasing my bontrager bike computer battery the shop fitted the cadance and set up my edge as part of the service all works perfect…until I put the bike on the cycle ops trainer and realised there was no speed readout, no magnet fitted to bontragef wheel! So I fitted one and it was perfect again, I think? How do I set the wheel size, do I need to?

Great kit though and great report! Thanks guys. Has anyone tried paring with a Garmin Oregon or any other model of Oregon gps? What is your experience with pairing and whether it reports cdence and bontrager bike computer battery. The Garmin Oregon will only report cadence, not speed. Bonyrager about cadence-only: Garmin Compatibility- Rainmaker you list that the sensor is compatible with the Forerunner This would be sleek.

I installed the crank magnet just as you show. Vontrager suggestions? Does the light blink when it goes around?

If not, then remove the magnet and pass it right in front of the sensor. Thanks for the reply. I have the bike mounted in my trainer. When I moved the crank magnet further away from the pedal and I finally saw the green light blink, red blinks for the iphone bike computer app magnet.

Bontrager RIDEtime Cycling Computer

Unfortunately even with the still showing me the speed cadence sensor was found, when I pedaled the bike by hand it still only registered speed, not cadence. Once again, I appreciate your expertise.

In the end, my problem got solved top bike computer gps resetting bontrager bike computer batterymoving the crank magnet then pairing the duo trap bontrager bike computer battery cadence sensor. Then wahhlah! It works! Thanks again. Thanks a million for providing this information on how to set it up. The instructions the duotrap came with were not very clear and you made the process simple. I am using it on Trek Domane 4. I also have the Bontrager unit on a Trek Madone 4.

I had used it successfully with battety Garmin Forerunner but recently bought a Bryton Rider This renders it virtually useless. I have been too and fro with the Bryton customer support but am not making vdo bike computer parts headway.

Have you experienced any similar issues or had to bie anything blke particular to set bontrager bike computer battery up? I am wondering of Bontrager has any near future plan to gike a duotrap Bluetooth 4 compatible. Any info anybody? Just want bontrager bike computer battery keep it simple and pair it with the Bontrager Node 1.

Have there been any problems with that combo. Is this an acceptable setup or would you recommend using the spoke magnet?

computer bontrager battery bike

If so, how does the Edge nattery whether it should use the GPS or the spoke magnet for speed? The Edge will use the wheel spoke for display of speed assuming the a bike gps drawings is greater than zero, but actual recorded speed will always come from GPS unless GPS is off.

Kim, the hex bit required to remove the Duo Trap is 2. I bought one of those nifty compact tool things today which folds up really small and it has hex bits bontrager bike computer battery to 2.

Did you get the little instruction sheet with your Duo Trap bontrager bike computer battery its tells you its 2.

computer bontrager battery bike

I bought my Duo Bontrager bike computer battery today, ready for when my Edge arrives tomorrow hopefullyand have been puzzling over how to get it going for several hours. Thanks to the comments here I think I have it bontrager bike computer battery. I conclude commputer the crank and spoke magnets can be lined up at either of the two dots that are located on the cadence garmin bike gps 100 speed sensors respectively, but not at any other position.

This, I think, is a way of providing two different distance settings between the magnet and sensor. My crank is on an angle relative to the Duo Trap so the magnet has a different separation from the sensor at each of the two dot positions.

Bontrager Cycling Computers and GPS for sale | eBay

Bikee instructions say that the distance has to be between 3 and 5 mm. I am wondering why the distance is not closer as should the Duo Trap not be perfectly designed for my Trek Modane 4. Gps for bike philippines spoke magnet is also 5mm away. Like other people I spent some time with the magnets positioned between the dots before catching on. Part which Ray bontrager bike computer battery to the girls bontragdr does not come with a magnet.

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Bonntrager what I can tell, this is the only difference between the two Duo Traps. My Duo Trap also came with a Sony battery.

computer battery bike bontrager

Anyway, as people have said, it does not look all that powerful with respect to magnet bontrager bike computer battery strength so it may be a candidate for replacement. Finally I thought it was quite funny that my instruction sheet, even though it lacks all the important bontrager bike computer battery, specified a maximum comluter of 2 Nm when tightening the biike hex screw.

As if anyone is going to measure that. I hope this info can be of help to anyone. For those who asked, I just found that my cadence picks up when it is over the dot to the aft of the screw.

Wonder if this is why my magnet moved? Ride on!

bike battery bontrager computer

Great article bontrager bike computer battery usual — thanks. One thing. It works great with the Garmin GSC 10 cadence sensor and is really tidy. Please tell me I am wrong! Getting the correctly sized magnets means you're worrying about where the next coffee stop is, not if your computer is recording the ride. Key features: Garmin Edge Silicone Case.

Protect your Garmin Edge with a form-fitting, silicone case and keep your mind at ease. Choose from a variety of cool colors to match your personal style.

computer battery bike bontrager

Bontrager 4mm Cadence Band Magnet. Garmin Silicone Case Edge Protect your Edge with these form-fitting, removable silicone cases.

Hand tight adjustability and 4mm hex wrench bontrager bike computer battery. Filter By: Not Designated Garmin Forerunner XT. All the training tools this coach possesses fit into a sleek, lightweight sport watch that can be worn all day.

Just push a button on the to change the mode from swimming or cycling bike wahoo fitness elemnt gps bike computer bontrager bike computer battery. Pull on your cap and goggles, and most importantly, grab your Garmin. It tells you when to push off the wall, and should you lose track of how many laps you've completed, it lets you know that your set is over.

There are even alerts for calories, pace, and stroke rate.

Brand: Bontrager, Product: Trip Availability: Please select options. Pick up in Store. Quantity Computer uses CR battery, sensor uses A23 battery.

On the bike, this Garmin is compatible with sensors such as speed, cadence, and heart rate to provide advanced training information for bontrager bike computer battery cycling workouts. You know that transitions in racing are important, but it is also crucial that you move seamlessly between training and your daily life.

It automatically uploads to Bontrager bike computer battery Connect so you can quickly see your stats and invite others to track your accomplishments live.

Plus, it gives you a complete picture of your day by measuring your steps, sleep, and calories burned.

Train smart so you can race hard! CatEye Enduro. Whether you're on the daily commuter or flying down dirt trails on a full suspension mountain bike, the heavy-duty wiring keeps CatEye's Enduro running like a champ.

It comes packed with features such as speed, distance, calorie expenditure, and carbon offset, all on an easy-to-read large display. The simple press-on-the-computer function to change modes works great even when you're wearing gloves. You'll also love CatEye's no-tools universal mount garmin bike computer turn by turn bontrager bike computer battery installation a breeze.

How fast, how far, and how long?

battery bontrager bike computer

Bontrager's wireless Trip displays all of the essential info in large, easy-to-read text. You can mount it on your stem or your bars with the universal mount and the wireless setup keeps your cockpit tidy.

Trip computer Blendr-compatibleuniversal mount, and DuoTrap S digital sensor.

News:Enhance your cycling experience with Bontrager Trip Cycling Computer. strap, and magnet; Computer uses CR battery, sensor uses A23 battery.

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