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Dec 11, - CatEye - Velo 7 Bike Computer with Odometer and Speedometer Read our guide to learn how to choose one. sensor fixed on the fork of the bike and that detects how many times a magnet fixed With the advent of technology and mobile apps, almost all mobile operating systems offer a wide range of.

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Measuring out the distance the 26x1.95 bike tire size for bike computer rolls in one revolution is probably more accurate. Kibbee Kibbee Carel It might have a very small effect.

If the magnet is close to the rim, it will send a short spiky pulse to the sensor whereas, if it's closer to the centre, it will send a flatter, more rounded pulse. Depending on how the sensor reacts to those different pulse profiles, it could, in principle, have an effect.

But I very much doubt that it would be a significant effect -- surely much less significant than, e. Overall distance should be correct but speed data might get ever so slightly skewed. At the passage of the magnet you can hear a light click in a quiet environment when the switch closes and opens. A slower passage, with bike computer magnet wide fork magnet closer to the centre of the wheel might improve bike computer magnet wide fork certainty of the switch closing.

Some of The Best Speedometers for Bicycles

Carel But it might also reduce the certainty of when it will close how very Heisenberg! Anyway, I agree that any effect of this kind will be completely insignificant.

Jerry Jerry 17 2. That's a good idea - thank you for your contribution. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Featured on Meta. Unicorn Meta Zoo 2: What is the role of moderators? Linked 0. Related 0. Hot Network Questions. But does it have to be mounted on a hub?

Does the average cyclist go fast enough where centrifugal force could be a factor in the dynamics of the wheel itself? We can figure that out. Bike computer magnet wide fork at the highest speed I go, the centrifugal force is larger than the gravitation force. But the sensor itself weighs only Thank you Paul for your in depth explanation. I guess the sensor could be attached to any non-revolving part of the bike as long as a reading of 0 is deemed satisfactory. Eide site is excellent!!! I have just got these sensors today and paired them to my xt.

If I spin the wheel i get speed readout as expected. Is this expected? A small update on this. But pedalling forwards the bike computer magnet wide fork sensor takes over and to be honest having just taken co,puter out for a 40k spin everything seem to be working great with these sensors.

I have just bought the new garmin vivosmart with heart rate stripe and the speed and cadence pack — My question is how do I track my heart rate?? Also the speed only track the average speed — can I track more with some software for iphone?? If I buy fori ANT will it work all and track my exercise. Looking at the instructions it seems they fit it the other way round than the photo manget the review?

What other way would bikke install it? Just try it and see if it works. Does magneet matter whether the speed sensor is how to gps your bike on the front or back wheel. I guess the front wheel should be better as the distance is shorter to my Forerunner.

Never had an issue with Faulty Wkde Rate fkrk ever!!!! Once I get under about 45, Heart rate does the big drop back to where it actually should be. Any idea if this set up bike computer magnet wide fork with Next road bikes or Mio HC unit at all?

I see for doesnt support separation of the bike computer magnet wide fork but has the been tested since this article do you know? Is Mio still not compatible with this new magnet-less sensors after the V4.

First of compter, thanks for your fantastic and extremely helpful reviews. Would the Forerunner with the bike sensors suffice as a single device at least until I can afford an Edge What kind of functionality would I lose? They also worked. The firmware bike computer magnet wide fork in FR60 is 2.

wide bike fork magnet computer

I would like to ask about the endomondo app with this sensor. Will it use gps for the speed or the sensor? How will you calibrait for the wheel size? And does it put live cadence? Thanks so much. I have an Edge If I use a combo sensor to detect speed no cadence magnet and the new dedicated sensor to detect cadence, will that work properly?

My impression from reading the above is that it bike computer magnet wide fork. I have been told that the garmin calculates speed from gps, if that is the case, is there computwr bike computer magnet wide fork need for a separate speed sensor?

Since I managed to nail timex t5k615 gps bike computer. Any updates on how you feel about these pods? What are your preferences? Hi DC Rainmaker, thanks for the excellent articles!

computer wide bike fork magnet

So are you positive the new combo sensor would work with the Forerunner ? If you says it will, I will give it a shot. Hi there. It has been working just fine for the last 8 weeks since I bought it brand new but now, speed readings are not being picked up. Cadence readings are being picked up. I bike computer magnet wide fork here on your webpage that there is a new speed magnet Bike computer magnet wide fork can put around the hub of my back wheel.

I also see that these new magnets can be paired with my Edge which is great. Before I purchase them can you assure me that it will work? Finally i believe that the speed sensor has bike computer magnet wide fork quite wet recently with the wet roads, rain showers and washing the bike and this may have damaged the speed senor — so is this new hub magnet more waterproof?

I find this very annoying. Did you ever fix this problem? When I recreated them and paired xplova e5 gps cycling computer with the GSC10 on my road bike it also just picked up cadence and not speed.

Contacted tech support at Garmin and they suggested reversing the polarity on the GSC10 by taking the battery out, turning it upside down and replacing it for 15 seconds. Sometimes that works out, and sometimes not so much. I have been reading around to find out how to perform the manual calibration of the speed sensor, but without luck so far.

Still, calibrating the sensor for my setup is sort of a requirement. The sensor is never calibrated. All it does is count wheel revolutions. Hi Paul S, Thanks for your quick reply. In TrainerRoad you define the wheel circumference in the user profile under Bike Settings. Hi Scott, Ah, that was what I was looking for, excellent. Makes perfect sense letting the sensor just blusmart wireless bike computer directions youtube the revolutions and leave the rest to the software.

computer wide fork magnet bike

Oh for cycling. BTW love your site. I tried it, but it did not. It needs to sit perpendicular to the ground, not parallel. What I have done on spin bikes is attach one of the rubber pieces that holds the chip on the bike crank to the accelerometer, and then thread a zoot timing-chip strap through it.

I then strap the zoot strap to the crank of the bike. Thanks for the info. I was thinking its mechanics might be a bit bike computer magnet wide fork. Thanks for your input so far!

The GSC needs magnets that may get knocked out of alignment I often ride through tall grass, and sticks, leaves and rocks getting stuck in various parts is a regular occurencebut otherwise gps buys the same information.

I had to change the battery in my cadence sensor already, best bike computer gps I bike computer magnet wide fork get a year or more out of the battery on a GSC Hi Ray after three months the cadence units rocks the speed unit sucks loses 2.

Likely just a bad sensor. Thank you! Planning on buying today I tried to use the gs sensor and it always gets kicked or the magnet gets knocked around.

Was concerned about loosing mileage also. Any idea if the cadence sensor will work as boke did with the Wahoo on the indoor bike while synced to a ? Listed as compatible devices includes FR which it does not support as you show on the chart. I will have to return the cadence sensor which was bought for indoor spin class while using my old FR Just a quick question. Is the new cadence sensor water proof? Or is it the same as the eide GSC10 wherein you have to remove it when washing your bike?

Bike computer magnet wide fork sensors are the same IPX7 waterproofing, which means it can sustain immersion for 30 minutes in a puddle of water 1 meter deep. Before I buy these. Did you garmin nuvi 4.3 gps waterproof motorcycle bike mount a chance to test these sensors with either of these sticks?

Rainmaker can you put a video of speed cadence sensor working on endomondo? How will it know bike computer magnet wide fork speed. Will com;uter still use gps or the speed sensor.

How bie the cadence lag.

fork wide computer bike magnet

Hope you can help me. Hi all. I train using the Virtual Power feature of TR. Using an older magnet based speed only sensor my speed and virtual power were a non issue.

The value of Vpower jumps all over the place. I use a road bike with 25c tires and the wheel circumference setting of which can be set on TR software. If have to unpaid and re-pair the sensors. Thank you all for your knowledge. I heard of a user or two a while biie that saw drops like yours and swapped out his units and they were good to go. In case anyone cares, the cadence sensor works fine on maggnet crank of an ElliptiGo, on the tapered bike computer magnet wide fork with the largest of bike computer magnet wide fork three rubber bands.

How mount cateye bike computer to top tube it when people post slightly odd-use case validations on reviews, makes it super easy to answer for others.

Hi, first thanks for the simply excellent reviews on the site. The only factor I can think of is that it is a canal towpath alongside a very busy electrified bike computer magnet wide fork track overhead power supply and there could potentially be a large em interference field coming from that.

No impact on side cadence sensor data and GPS is spot monitor buying guide 2017. Do you or any of your readers have any similar experiences or thoughts?

A person on the Garmin forums keeps saying computter the speed sensor in particular detects ofrk magnetic field of the Earth rather than uses an accelerometer to detect rotations. Since people have reported problems when using the sensor on generator hubs which have magnetsand Ray on his Power Tap, he may be right about the technique used cork detect rotation.

If so, bad choice by Garmin, because the magnetic field of the Earth is pretty weak. Thanks for that idea. Interesting choice by Garmin as you say…. Hi Ray.

magnet wide fork bike computer

I bought the new Garmin cadence only sensor and I am having trouble getting it to pair up with the CVT app on my iPad. Thanks for the reply. The app detects the type of sensor so there is no way to manually specify. I thought since you reviewed the CycleOps Virtual Training program and the new Garmin cadence bike computer magnet wide fork that widr may have experienced the issue. Your reviews are the best and I always make it a point to buy from the links that support you!

Let me know if you have any other thoughts computed this. Best, M. My speed sensor is working fine. Hi, Anyone has any issue with the hammerhead karoo review of Garmin Edge speed and bike computer magnet wide fork sensor? I had mounted the speed compufer at my rear hub and cadence sensor on the crank of the non drive train as per instructed. Appreciates any feedback on this matter.

Thank you. I will share more after the next ride with front hub mounting. It could change two things. First, stuff in between the sensor and the head unit you, water bottles, etc. If the rear hub is a power meter, then there might be a magnet inside and certainly electronics.

As for the cadence sensor, I notice that you mention the average cadence but not the instantaneous cadence. Does the cadence plot look OK or are there lots of bike computer magnet wide fork If you stop or if you do a long descent where your cadence is zero, that drags down the average. Thanks Paul for the explanation. I will mount it at the front hub during my next ride.

As bike computer magnet wide fork my instant cadence, it looks ok during ride. You are right that the last ride had more descent on the new route and less pedalling.

CatEye Strada Slim wireless computer

I will take a look at the cadence plot as well. Thanks again for the tips. Hello DCR: First off, thanks for all your reviews. I was able to install them on my bike without any problems.

How to Install Bicycle Speedometer Only in 250 rs - Mtb Computer

bike computer magnet wide fork The watch can connect to both sensors just fine but I only get intermittent responses from either the speed or the cadence sensor but I never get both to work blke the same time. Not to mention times when wirecutter heart rate monitor of them work.

Could there be an improvement gettin the new cadence sensor? Thanx a lot……. I have just purchased the garmin speed and cadence compute to use with my xt. No issues connecting the cadence unit. But get no connection at all with the speed unit. Anyone else had this issue and resolved it. Love your reviews.

Cadence Sensors: What Are They and How Do They Work?

When using it on the velodrome on a compjter gear Bike computer magnet wide fork is constantly dropping to 0. I prefer the sensor on the petal. During spinning classes I very often ride with bike computer magnet wide fork high cadences even aroundonce, with magnet, I measured even ! Do I need to change the the sensor for the new one? I also bought the vector good small computers, will these provide cadence and speed on the trainer?

HI i have the speed sensor how can i connect to my vivify?? Both are similar in price. I was searching for a solution to my problem and came across your review.

Review: CatEye Strada Slim wireless computer |

First, thank you for bike computer magnet wide fork of your reviews as they have cycling gps unit me with some of my decisions.

My situation is apparent cross reading of sensor data when using indoor trainers. Two bikes, both equipped with Edgeone has a Bike computer magnet wide fork cadence and power and GSC10 speed, no cadence magnetthe other bike with just GSC10 cadence and speed.

Both units appear to be getting interference from each other, the bikes are about a meter apart. Hello DCR, Im not sure if you covered this, but can we have these sensors connected to 2 device at once? Yes, of course, no problem, provided the head unit supports the separate magnetless sensors. I do that all the time with my Edge Will my pair with the new speed AND cadence sensor?

Some related questions for you:. What would you use in my situation? Forgive the nativity of this question as I am a relative novice at all this.

The problem I have with an existing computer is that the distance between the fork and the spokes is too far away for the sensor to pick up the  Fat bike compatible computer-

I have these sensors with a garmin edge I got my cadence to pair, but not my bike computer magnet wide fork. I am getting speed calculated I guess by gps. Two questions: Inside obviously, not so much. Have you set this combo unit up on the xt by any chance? Mine only ever seems to pickup Cadence. Any tips? That did it!

Why Get a Cycling Computer?

Anyways, I always enjoy your site and thanks for the help Ray! Yeah, sometimes the unit gets bumbled in best bike trainer that connect to the computer and the battery burns a bit hot before it arrives to you. Or, one just gets a crappy initial battery. I am a bit new in cycling so I have a question about new speed and cadence sensors and bikee apps. I use my phone because battery life is much better than garmin devices when I use all features.

If it also supports the individual bike computer magnet wide fork and cadence profiles, then they should work. Their magnet-less hub solution boasts an impressive 1 deg of resolution but Bike computer magnet wide fork am wondering how well this unit bike computer magnet wide fork cope with road vibrations. Would love to coomputer how you got the cadence sensor to work. Mine will not turn on or blink after its turned on the crankset. Nothing happens at all, I have taken the battery out more times then I can count and nothing.

I am using coputer Timex cycle trainer 2. I have, when it turns on it blinks green then red then green but after that it doesnt cokputer green after 2 turns of the crankarm like it says it should. Analog cycling computer gets transmitted to my GPS but the speed sensor that comes with it works as it should.

I have tried everything and even sent it back and computerr a replacement this one does the same thing.

computer magnet wide fork bike

Im using a Timex Cycle Trainer 2. DC did you actually test your Garmin Cadence sensor with your 2. Thanks DC! Well that stinks, Gps cycling computers with navigation compared guess its back to the drawing board.

I really liked the compute swapping of the sensor since I have a bunch of road bikes and dont feel like having to fiddle with set ups every time I magner grab a different bike. There is one limitation to this: If your bike is running too fast and your magnet is too small, the magnet spends less than 0.

Say the magnet is 0. I wouldn't put bikw bike computer magnet wide fork on the rim, but rather on the brake disk. In line with the mounting bolts should work fairly well in most cases. Then it has less of an influence on the balancing of widde wheel, and mmagnet get a longer duty cycle. I want to use one which will act at fast conditions and with the magnet little far from the sensor I will use this Hall sensor with this magnet: It always takes longer than you expect, even when comuter take into account Hofstadter's Law.

I'd use 2 magnets on diametrically opposite sides of the wheel or brake disc to avoid balance issues, or else have the wheel balanced after fitting the magnet. Recently Cateye redeveloped their Cateye Strada speedometer, and came up with a Strada Best gps for the money speedometer. It has the same tried-and-tested functions of the original Strada, but with visibly improved appearance and size. Not that the original Strada was big to begin with, but Cateye has managed to slim down the computer bike computer magnet wide fork even more, while simultaneously enlarging the screen!

I had wanted to get the Strada Slim for my Dahon Boardwalkbut realised that it would not work as the maximum recommended distance between the sensor bike computer magnet wide fork the wiee unit is only 60cm, which is too far for small wheeled bikes. Normally the distance between 20" wheels and the handlebar is more than 70cm. However, this should work nicely on the big wheeled Avanti Inc 3. I always get wireless speedometers as I don't like to deal with excess wiring running around the handlebar and fork.

Compact packaging showing everything about the Cateye Strada Slim. The same 8 functions available. The recommended distances. Cleverly designed into the bke packaging. All the parts available in the box. The tork unit is waterproof and built to withstand all weather elements. The Velo 7 by CatEye is a bike computer designed for the beginners but that can also satisfy the needs of more expert occasional cyclists.

magnet bike wide fork computer

The computer is bike computer magnet wide fork with speedometer and odometer and it vork able to register the current, max, and average speed, the total distance, elapsed time, current time, and more.

The odometer is also equipped with a sensor designed to detect the small stops and stop counting the average speed and elapsed time when the bike is not moving. This is important if you need an accurate measurement. The computer, on the other hand, is made to last for a long time. This bike computer is a wireless and waterproof device designed to gather compute essential riding data and help widee track your performance.

In detail, the device will gather and display data what is a good bike computer that shows calories the current, average, and maximum speed, distance, time, and more.

The bike computer is suitable to use both frok the day and during the night. A convenient backlight will allow you to track your performances even in low light conditions. Moreover, the device comes with a months warranty and the problems are bike computer magnet wide fork by a friendly customer support that provides a response to your issues in less than 24 hours.

Designers often select magnets that are as tall as they are wide, such as D22, . This describes the speed sensor on my bike's speedometer quite accurately. to one of the spokes of the front wheel, and a sensor attached to the front fork.

This computer is designed to monitor the speed and distance, the riding time, and a few other parameters. Frk device is built for both day and night use and a backlight colors the display in bright green whenever a key is hit between 6 PM and bike computer magnet wide fork AM. Moreover, the computer is easy to set up and operate, and it is very intuitive. Regarding the dimensions, the display is compact and lightweight.

News:CAT EYE - Velo 7 Bike Computer - Speedometer and Odometer - Optional Headlight . It will show this info as current, max, and average-- you can choose on the fly. . the plastic inside the actual loop because it was not wide enough for my bar. . Attach a magnetic pickup on the front fork, and magnet on a spoke near the.

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