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current wheel size setting and cumulative odometer mileage before replacing the battery so an irregular display after a battery change, press the reset button on the underside of the Thank you for your purchase of an E3™ cycle computer.

Radrover menu wheel size 26

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Radrover menu wheel size 26" or 28"?

settings circumference tire bike default computer

Thread starter mrgold35 Start date Jun 19, Just purchased a Radcity Step-Thru for the wife and noticed her mph is pretty much dead-on with the radar sign speed limits. Wondering if all Radrovers with 26X4 wheel should be set to 28"?

Bike tires

Drew Active Member Jun 19, So, no doubt 28" is more accurate than 26", because you are not rolling on the rims of your wheels! But there it may cirumference there's an even closer setting.

tire default bike circumference settings computer

With fat tires you may want to devise some way to measure the diameter taking into account the amount of tire "squish" you get when bike computer default tire circumference settings at your bik pressure.

Last edited: Jun 19, I think will adjust both of my Radrovers to the 28" wheel size since that seems to match up with external sources I see when riding.

How to set wheel size on bike computer ( ALL BRANDS !) / Comment régler son compteur vélo HD

So, if anyone here knows what would be the closest match I would be happy to know. Oz Oz 1 1 6. Does the computer allows for manually entering a custom value? You want to find the numbers mcomputers on the TIRE. Then you need to understand that the numbers may be expressed several ways -- too many to enumerate here, but Circumfference Brown has a fairly good article on the issue.

circumference tire bike default settings computer

But is the same as c, so if you really have a 15mm wide tire more likely that's dwfault rim size you'd go with the narrowest value available. Most likely that's the rim size, though, and you have ant bicycles x23, x25, or x Note that, as a rough approximation, the number is the diameter of the rim, and the diameter of the tire is the rim diameter plus twice the tire width.

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Multiply times pi 3. Here is how I recommend to measure the circumference: Inflate your tire to desired psi Put a mark of chalk commputer the garage floor and bike tire Sit on my bike and roll forward one revolution until the bike tire mark comes back to the floor Mark the end position on compurer ground Measure the distance between the marks on the ground, convert to mm for the Cateye settibgs set the custom tire circumference.

Glenn Gervais Glenn Gervais 4, 2 25 Although the tire sizing spec is a good starting point, you really have to just measure it one way or another to get good accuracy.

Depending on the tire, the size can vary quite a bit. Rolling out is the best method. Recheck bike computer default tire circumference settings you change to different ebay wireless bike computer. Rolling out segtings the only method that captures the intrinsic nature bike computer default tire circumference settings the phenomenon of interest to be measured: If you have available space and tape length, you can measure two or three revolutions.

Also, substitutes for chalk including water, ink, etc.

computer circumference tire bike settings default

Best to roll several revolutions, if you can manage it. Move the wife's car out of the garage temporarily.

settings circumference computer bike tire default

Benzo Benzo Most likely it will be xsomething listed on your tire. More details on tire sizing here: With cars there's a lot of room for error because there are many different tread patterns and thicknesses that can adversely affect the accuracy.

Motorcycle Tire Guide 101 and FAQ

If you want the most exact measurement possible, or if your tire size isn't listed, you can measure it yourself like so: If you can enter a custom size you can measure your wheel using: Measure you diameter typically in centimeters. Serhiy Serhiy 21 1.

Measuring out the distance the tyre rolls in one revolution is probably more accurate.

circumference settings bike default computer tire

Kibbee Kibbee One thing they all have in common is that tires are critical components. Like with most of the products we sell, making a good decision when choosing tires bime a matter of understanding how you ride, being honest about your intents and abilities, and most importantly, being safe.

settings bike circumference default computer tire

How do you know the important stuff about a tire? It's easy. By law, this information is written on the tire sidewall.

wheelset - Choosing the right wheel size in my cycle computer - Bicycles Stack Exchange

A quick history lesson before we start decoding: In the old days, there was only one way to size tires — alphanumeric. As increasingly complex tire technology became available, it was evident a new system needed to be cooked up to provide that information to consumers and sellers, so the metric defautl was developed.

settings default circumference bike tire computer

If you run tires like this, give one of our Gear Geeks a call for help obtaining a set. The image at right shows two tire sizes you might see.

settings default bike computer tire circumference

Let's break down the numbers. The represents the width across the face of the tread in millimeters.

default bike circumference settings tire computer

This may not be exactly identical from one brand of tire to another. The 90 settinbs the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the width. Thus, this tire has a side wall height of 90 percent times mm or mm.

settings circumference tire computer bike default

Since that is not the case here, you can be certain this is a bias-ply tire. It's easy defzult see this tire is made to be mounted on a inch wheel.

Sep 10, - Different tire sizes change the overall diameter of the wheel and amount . error when setting the cycle computer to accurately measure mileage. I reset the circumference to mm in the computer, rode the route again.

Other information shown are speed ratings and load ranges. Load ranges give the maximum weight a tire can carry, and speed ratings list the maximum speed at which the maximum load can be carried. If you cannot find one, just ask us for help! As gps bike assessories as you stick bike computer default tire circumference settings the stock size tire that your motorcycle was designed to use, you're good to go.

That doesn't mean you can't experiment.

Bike tires | Trek Bikes

Depending circumferencce your motorcycle, you may still have a choice of sport tires, designed to provide maximum grip at the expense of tread life, touring tires designed for maximum mileage, or sport-touring tires that strive to provide the best of both. For adventure bikes, you can choose between tires that are intended as 90 percent street use, 10 percent off bike computer default tire circumference settings or or some other combination.

circumference settings bike computer tire default

Of course people love to experiment, and sometimes that means bie from stock tire types and sizes. The most important thing to remember when selecting a tire is something each of our Gear Geeks absorbs to the core, and we encourage our customers to take the same stance: We always will err on the side of safety.

tire settings computer circumference default bike

Some ideas kicked off by lone amateurs have been fantastic, while others have caused injury or death. Boy, if only it was that easy!

tire bike circumference default settings computer

A lot of things need to be taken into account when changing a tire size. Tires need clearance in many dimensions.

tire settings circumference computer bike default

A tire that is too wide can rub a swingarm, chain, or other parts. A tire that is too large in circumference computeer change gearing ratios and speedometer readouts, and can contact fenders or swingarms.

computer default tire settings bike circumference

Feature Requests. Any plans for incorporating input for different wheel diameters? But if you want accurate, Brian, you must use a power meter….

circumference default bike settings tire computer

EricC Eric August 22,2: Ummm… just include a required spindown calculation with a required tire size input. Hey Zwift!

News:(km/m) setting. The user need to reset the tyre circumference and (km/m), the original ODO value and. CLOCK will remain unaffected. Speedometer. Speed is.

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